Monday, April 27, 2009

words to live by...

rabbits and layout by me, photos form hint mag
my teacher sudden;y ask me for the booklet i did long time ago. i did quite badly for it so of course i had no idea why she wants it. maybe as an bad example. haha.
but i personally still find the quotes used in the booklet v useful. haha
went keri smith she does amazing illustrations and collages. fell in love
with her collage.
she has a blog and something she said about being an artist/designer is such a reminder.
don't go crazy trying to please other people. don't lose yourself in the process.
always love what you do.
reminds me of something wen yan told me long ago.
when your work gets crazy just focus on God and everything else will fall in place.
as a design student i have to re learn this everyday

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