Thursday, March 14, 2013

New adventure

Yes I am on my way to become an art teacher! it's going to be an exciting and busy 2+3 years ahead! I am very excited and looking forward to it all! Finally my life is moving towards a certain direction! yay! Since i always have some free time in the office, I have took the time to understand my own personality and also what job am I suitable to be doing. I'm an INFJ! Felt that it really was quite accurate! So I am not weird afterall! I am definitely a person who needs to find a greater meaning behind my job! Also the creative type. I think as an art teacher, I am going towards the right direction! Quite exciting to go back to study! I am also posted to a boy's school! That is going to be quite interesting and fun! woohooo! Can't wait for school to start! One more day left in the boring office!

Dearest Eugene and I are also starting a small venture! It's really fun and creative! I am really glad that both of us are working on such a creative and beautiful project together! Can't wait till we have it all properly launch out! In the mean time, I better work hard on it! I have a one week break coming up. Really really pray that this is where God is leading us and hope ultimately the message of love will be spread to the people around us! So much ideas running in our heads! Ok will work on it all! Hmmm does anybody actually read this space? But I kind of still like it~

One week break! I am going to finish some creative projects! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lollipops & sweets

An illustration for Iris~ A6, mixed media. If was great to be able to do small drawings in within the week:) My kind of art therapy. Better use my free day tomorrow to get some drawings and craft done! Keep getting little ideas here and there to drae and make stuff! It's great! I just need the time~~~
Have been feeling emotional lately. Must be the period and cramps! It drives me nuts! I am so looking forward to Eugene's surprise! I cannot believe that he is so good at it that I have no idea what is going on! Is it possible? Or maybe there is nothing going on? I have no idea~~~ But still I am incredibly thankful that after everything we are still together and he is being sweeter than ever:)

I have been so out of sorts lately.. I need to get back to my quiet time and praying.... Miss my Papa...

Friday, February 1, 2013

DIY rainbow pinata box! + new illustration

I needed a box to put the gifts for XueYing birthday and I wanted the surprise to be colourful! So since I have been trying to get more crafty lately, I decided on doing something that I can't buy! A rainbow pinata-like box! Well it was a nice idea~~~ but the execution was soooo tedious! I took a few hours, i think 3 or 4 hours? The problem was I had to figure the mechanism first, after that it was quite fast!

1. Start with the pink first! I made the mistake of cutting red first, but start from bottom to top! The crepe paper comes in a folded manner, leave it this way, then cut out a 5cm piece.(but it is up to the size of your box) 2. Cut the piece, about 2/3, leave enough space to paste the tape later. 3.Use a thick double sided tape and paste the bottom edge of the box, all four sides. Then paste down the crepe paper, remember to pull tight! 4. Continue the same thing up the box, layer by layer. do it 7 times!

It wasn't easy but the end result is very pretty and cheerful looking! So I am pleased:)
I also made myself do a A6 illustration for XY, done with pencil and watercolour! I love it, I am trying to draw and paint again. It was a good start! starting small and giving them as gifts. I love handmade drawn stuff, so I really hope those who receive my handmade gifts will love them too:)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY a Rainbow Tumbler

Recently I got a tumbler from a company's D&D function, it is of quite good quality and I have been wanting to get a good portable container to drink my tea with. BUT it's so ugly! I hate anything with a logo on it! I won't want to use it! Arg! But it will be such a waste to throw this away! It is of quite good quality and I am currently saving money so I won't have money to spare for unnecessary stuff! Sooooo I look through my material box and spent some time to mix and match my stuff before finally coming up with something decent and waterproof! (duh! It's a water container!) So thought that I will share this easy DIY that anybody can do~ you don't really need to have crafty fingers for this!

1.Tape the Daiso rainbow tapes tightly around it, make sure to cover the gabs in between each colour, cover up the whole tumbler except for the cover. Near the mouth of the tumbler you may have to press the edges down. 2. Repeat the first step because the tape is kinda transparent. 3. Add in some funky stickers! In this case I added in one of my sticker from a graffiti collection sticker book! Done!

All done in less than 20 minutes and less than $2! We are always ending up with useless freebies, why not reuse, reduce and recycle? It's pretty and functionable and there are lots of ways to apply this DIY to other stuff!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

love, laugh & encourage creativity

Every new year brings a new chance to do something new! People are in a hurry to make new year resolutions but I'm not. I always have been someone who need time to think and plan. It doesn't matter if I am a few weeks late! Hey it's still January! I still have more than 11 months ahead of me! Time and time again I asked myself, why do I keep this space?? No one reads it! But when I looks back at some of my posts, I am thankful I bothered to post them, they serve as a reminder of my blessings and things to be thankful for! But this 2013, I want to jump out of my comfort zone! I remembered someone saying " if you keep doing the same thing and nothing is working out, try something new!" So this new year I want to try new things, I want to " love, laugh & encourage creativity" to all around me! This space with help me document and aid this new year "resolution'!

Love: Jesus be the centre of my life- this will never change, the love of my heavenly Papa will be my driving force, will be the one I base my decision on! I want to give myself time and opportunities to soak in His love and let it overflow to those around me. When I don't receive how do I give? This will be the balance for me. Loving God, loving others and not forgeting to love myself! In this space I will record down moments where I felt His love, moments where I get inspired to love and do amazing stuff for people around me:) And also special moments of love between me and those around me;)

Laugh: Sometimes we can so overwhelmed by life, by the need to achieve, be successful, earn more money, have a social life.... we forget the simplest thing in life! To love and laugh! I don't know about others but I did. I forgot that I need to laugh, I need to enjoy my life. I had these long periods of depression in 2012 that I couldn't get out of. After healing and lots of support from those around me, I realized that I have spent years wallowing in long bouts of sadness, anger and fear. I can't change the people around me or often the situations and problems around me, but I can choose to be happy! This year I will 'work hard' to be happy and laugh till my sides hurt and enjoy the life God has given me. Yes, this space will be a happy space for me:)

Encourage creativity: Face it, I am those artsy type, the creative visual type, the drawing painty type~ and the list goes on! I want to embrace myself and love for the multi media, graphic design, illustrations, colours, art, drawing and painting! But no I am not the 'hipster' type, I don't want to be cool or monotone~ basically I don't really want a label for my creativity. The new cauliflowerhead space will be a place to encourage creativity! To be inspired and also inspire others! To encourage those who want to take the leap to be more spontaneous and creative and make some mess! A space to encourage them to be creative! To draw, paint, craft, learn new stuff, show some love, make a gift, recycle, renew..... no limits! Just creative and fun stuff that everyone can try their hands on!

This space will evolve and grow with me! No I am not going to take away the past posts or build a new space, I want to be able to look back at this year and celebrate changes;)

It's never too late


A few weeks late, but better late than never. When I restarted this blog I needed somewhere to record down the things happening in my life, I don't know why I still want to record all these down... maybe because I have always been the diary kind of girl? This year had been emotionally draining, it wasn't easy and I will be a hypocrite for saying I won't want to change the things that happened. But if it all didn't happened, I won't be where I am today. I won't have understand everything better, I won't have managed things better. So it has been a year of learning and I think I can safetly say, I did grown from it:)

For my sake, let's list down the events that I need to learn from (the not so good stuff):
- Getting 'fired' from my previous company( this is a story worth recording down one day)
- Trying to 'fight' my ex-bosses through MOM ( learn to be humble and also MOM kinda sucks)
- Taking on too much church stuff and trying to keep everything perfect ( leads to the next point)
- A few months where i suspected I had depression (realized my emotional state was never at it's best)
- Constant screaming and panic episodes within my family
- The biggest hurdle-ever between eugene and I
- An episode where I nearly lost it.....

BUT things that have helped me grow(the good stuff):
- An all-expenses paid work-trip to Four Seasons Langkawi (seriously the work part was only 40%? but I get to talk to Aidi the enviromentalist of Four Seasons Langkawi, one of the most inspiring guy I ever got to know)
- The best buddy couple trip to Bangkok with my QQ and Songde. Such a great and fun tip! (Thank God for this bestie who is always willing to help me out)
- Royal Kids Chennai trip in India with Jiayi and Shuilin (One of the best trip for my spiritual growth and going back to the country I miss so much)
- The family altar sundays that I managed to organize for a few weeks ( before the big 'break-down' but I must find a way to put it back for my family)
- Closer relationships with my cell mates and a lot of church friends
- Spiritual healing during Pastor Wu worshop {I can really feel the big difference in my spirit, I don't get the bad periods of depression anymore and I have also been able to overcome the 'difficult' periods of emotions)
- The Echo running man camp! {It was a great time for me to help others grow and had lots of fun in the process!)
- Trip to Cameron Highland with Eugene and mum and YR {a good rest)
- reading more than 20 books both Christian and friction, a great hobby to pick back up and also really great for my spiritual growth!:)))
- Eugene joing EN {probably one of the greatest thing to thank God for, it won't have been posible with Him. It is such a great move for our relationship)

Putting it all down, realized that I do have much to be thankful for in year 2012! I know I will look back in 2013 and know that 2012 was a great stepping stone for 2013:)

A sweet rest


The 4 days 3 nights in Cameron Highland was one of the best for me. The year had been draining for me and this trip was a much needed break. A lot of people will comment that there isn't much to do in Cameron, but I think that was exactly what I need- to do nothing. The weather was probably one of the greater aspect of the place! So nice and cooling! Got to wear thick sweaters and beanie! It was so fun to bundle up! Something you don't get to do in sg. One of the most fun part of the trip was tracking in the forest! The rest of the farm visitings were quite lame. There are really nice forest and hills in Cameron, something you don't get in sg. And the great thing about Cameron was also the abundant amount of veggie and teas! Both of my favourite stuff! Eating steamboat in Cameron was also one of the best thing to do there, the cold and hot steamy food goes very well together!

Being there with my favourite people was the best part! Eugene made us laugh non stop and was there to help in every way:) This is definitely a place we will go again, it is a nice and affordable place for short rest:)