Thursday, July 2, 2009


vector drawings in illustrators

didn't spend alot of time on the above illustrations
i know they are not fantastic
they are for my parents' shop
hope everyone who happens to go katong mall can go visit
they serve great bubble tea and dessert
i assure you my mum is really talented
better than any stall you know
it is at the basement beside the famous chicken rice stall
my whole family is putting lot of effort into making it work
support and encouragments are deeply appreciated
i must say this period is really tough for me and i doubt many out there will understand
but my strength and joy comes from my Lord
i really cannot believe how He manage to come through for me each day
the things i learnt from Him these past few weeks
the Love and strength
i really want to praise and worship Him

Worship Him instead of worrying! 
that is so true:)

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