Tuesday, December 15, 2009



i finally am finished with my super tedious block
it was such a horrible experience
i slept like 3-4hrs a day
every moment was spend rushing work
i had hardly any food or rest
to top it all off was the emotional roller coaster
that Somebody put me through

i don't get why i had to go through all that
after all the hardwork
my teacher says stuff to doubt me
i starts doubting myself
i really wish my teacher will stop acting this way

but another teacher really encourage me when she said
" i must say it's really good to have a student like you
you have the right attitude"
well between the both of them
it's kinda obvious shares who the same belief as me

the above is one of my favorite illustration for my book
i really like my book
it's a story that needs to be read to get what i'm trying to say
it's a story of a love between my sisters and i
as least my watercolour skills improve

anw i only rested for like 1+ day
only to realize that my teacher has given us work AGAIN
he just sent the assignment brief
it is going to be ALOT of work AGAIN

it's my holiday you know...

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