Sunday, February 21, 2010

Eugene's 21st

i'm so glad February is over! Finally!
i don't really celebrate birthdays but this month is the birthday of 3 important people in my life. so inevitably i had to celebrate properly for them!

including Eugene's 21st! Yikes! i was so blur! see the penguins above? i forgot to print the A and we had to make do with balloon. hahaha! though i felt a bit neglected because he had to attend to so many people but i'm still quite happy because i get to play with little Narius! we finally became good friends that day! yay! he took home Penguin N, because his name start with the letter N! He is the cutest little boy ever! only 3+! hope that one day we will be close enough so that i can bring him out to play and eat ice cream!

I don't think i want to celebrate my 21st. i don't think it is necessary at all. Maybe i'll just fly to a country that i always wanted to visit!

Oh anyway, I'm trying my best to become a VEGETARIAN! yea~
-Most importantly for the environment & kids in hunger( Cattle consumption can feed the entire earth's population!)
-For animals! ( i hate it that they are slaughtered in such cruel manner! visit
- For health ( not really, because i have always been more discipline in terms of eating~)

Anw i get to cook more nowadays so i get to eat vegetarian most of the time. just that it's really difficult to stop the egg, milk, cheese and yoghurt. arg...

oh i found a very good website that teaches korean dishes!

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