Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Ah Han!!!

The Man who Planted Trees( go Youtube it!), taught me a lesson. In a way the shepherd is like God! Planting and planting the seeds, so full of hope, so selfless! Woah~ Thank God that He gave me a chance to share Word today because He used it as a way to help me back to the race! The race of Christ. I really learn one important lesson, Persevere on for Christ and you will be able to preserver on for everything! Be it studies, family etc. I'm actually deep in school work debt, but I'm sure if I depend on Christ and put His work first, He will bring me through my next 2 weeks of crazy-no-sleep-work-week.

A lot of stuff run through my mind each day, I think i need to post more of my thoughts if not they will run out of my brain like too-too-train~~ Pray Pray Pray!!!

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