Thursday, May 28, 2009

she is not my mummy she is maria

pen line drawing

My advertising exercise that i did for MCYS. copyright k
i give so many tuitions and interact with so many kids
i think i'm quite a pro with them
but they still manage to stun me with unsolvable problems
i have no idea how to deal with them sometimes
they often make me question whether i want to even have my own kids 
if they are going to grow up like them
today i saw 2 kids in the bus
using rolled up paper and pretending to smoke
how g is that
what has the world become if the kids are already so desperate to smoke at
7 or 8 years old?!

i have 2 p6 students
both girls
same name
opposite personality
the noisy want i always feel like smashing the assessment book on her head
the quiet one i always feel like strangling her to force some sound out of her
i'm a horrid teacher

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