Sunday, June 14, 2009

weighing machine

watercolour and pen

i didn't want to blog if i don't post a decent looking drawing, so that is why i have been neglecting my blog for so long
this is a form of encouraging myself to draw
the holidays are here
but I'm quite sad enxy has to be away for 5 days
actually too emotional i would say
but i know God will take him through and make his 5 days great
let him come back more in love with the Lord!
so i will make my coming days so busy i will not think about him
this whole week is pack with dance practices and One Love conference
to those who are interested
come down to Bethesdea bedok tampines church on 20th june at 2
you will see the funniest dance
performed by the scissors sisters
support us!

lately i have been thinking and worrying about my weight
i hate it when i eat too much and feels bloated
but sometimes i have so little self-control

i also want to encourage myself to keep up with my QT and bible reading momentum
i want to fall deeply in love with my Father
such that His love will overflow in me
so that others around me can experience it too
it is not going to be easy
but it is not by my own strength
but from Him

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