Thursday, December 31, 2009


the annual report above is fully design by me(photoshop+InDesign)
it's the reason i was totally shag for the past month of november
annual report + book illust= killer
no copying of ideas, if not i'll shoot you dead
God bless my annual report~

it's 2010! i'm 20....
can you believe it... once the 2 get in front of your age
time will fly~~

the best time of the year always happens in december
my december is pretty great:)
youth camp was quite alright
it turned out ok and pretty great esp for the 阳光ers
but it sort of made me realise i'm probably a little too old for camps like this

the Christmas week was great!
i enjoyed all the performance
enjoyed being part of the youth!
i really love my church youth
everyone has become much closer and bonded after these few weeks

one person i must thank in 2009 is
Philip Mantofa
ok, so he will probably never know i said thanks
his life pretty much is a great encouragement to me
God has really use him to speak to me
thank you Mr Mantofa!

In 2010
i should learn to complicate my life less
be dependent on God
stop making everything seems so problematic
life is not complicating
we are probably the one making it so complicating
keep thinking and worrying
the best solution is probably to pray
and depend on God

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