Monday, January 4, 2010

Thank You-s

Lets not forget the thank you-s and i'll-try-a-little-harder before we dash head first into 2010

My dad & mum- for the love and concern, sweat and tears; helping me put together my annual report till the wee mornings

Yu han- for being the best sister possible; my best friend; best cook

Yu xuan- for teaching me how to be patient; for giving me a chance to be e big sister

Yu rou- for telling me the funniest jokes; for giving me a chance to be love and care

Eugene- for always being there; always patient & loving even in the toughest time

Zhenling- for guiding me through some of the toughest times; for being a role model

耶木兰s- for being the best cell group mates ever, i don't know where you can find better cell mates

there are still people that i need to thank but most of them have already got their thank you notes:)

I will depend on God's guidance to be:
a better daughter
a better sister
a better girlfriend
a best-possible intern to 公主
a better student

Hooray for 2009! Let's work hard for 2010, God will make it better than ever!

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