Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Sweet Potato Leaf

Drawn in pen, finish up in photoshop CS4

I must intro Vegan Yum Yum!
This lady and her blog is living evidence that it is possible to eat healthily, yummily and environmental-friendly-ly! thank God i found her fantastic blog! Those of you who thinks that you need meat to survive or have a fantastic meal, this fantastic lady has proven you wrong!! I tried her thai-style firm tofu recipe today! It tasted totally fantastic! I'm so glad to find a person who enjoy firm tofu(tau kua) as much as me and and has come out with such great variation to such a simple ingredient! Her link is to your right~

I must be truthful , this is my blog and i have the right to voice my opinions
Let me state out the reasons why you should go vegetarian/vegan:
-Meat Consumption causes more pollution to our earth than all our transport
-Rearing the animals is a terrible waste of our resources, 16 pounds of grains to produce 1 pound of meat
-The world no longer has Old-Macdonald-has-a farm, there are only farm FACTORIES, the 'meat' you consume is just a genetically produced animal and the harm it will cause in your health way surpass the benefits(calcium, iron etc.)
-You won't kill an animal, so why will you let other people commit such cruelty for you? there is a reason why factory farm animals are abused, many workers(you animal killers) vent their frustration and stress on the animals
-Antibiotics human consumes is 3 billion pound each year while farm factory animals consume 25 BILLION!

There are many more reasons, which i may mention next time. But don't try to argue or deny these facts, i have been studying and reading about meat consumption for about 2 months and read articles and books. So i'm really stating facts here. Don't roll yours eyes or skip this post! IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS! I really encourage those who are not persuaded or wish to know more to read 'Eating Animals' by Johnathan Safran Foer. It is such a good book. The tone is humorous and sarcastic and he is not trying to be hard-core persuasive, he is really stating the facts of why you won't want to eat meat nor give it to people you love. He started writing the book because he was going to be a father and wanted to know what goes on in the meat industry before allowing his son to consume meat. Well, in the end i think his little boy is a vegan and i think the point behind his book is love.

If you love your family and friends, you won't let them eat meat. Not persuaded? Read Eating Animals! God Bless:)

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