Sunday, March 21, 2010

Love that is so great

Photo of my mummy and i
yes i was a fat and chubby baby
the only thing i came in first in my life was probably the baby contest

i went blog hopping and came across a few blogger mummy
maybe that's why i have the mummy-ish feeling now
i came across a graphic designer + mum
it's so cool to be a designer + mummy at the same time

we may not realize it
but our mums are probably the most 伟大 people
that are the closest to us

a few days ago my mum bought a purse for yu rou
and a bag for 'us' (the 3 older sisters)
i decided to claim it as my own
haha because my mum seldom buy stuff like these for us
it makes me feel happy just carrying a bag that my mum bought

the least scary thing about growing up is having kids and a happy family
and our future big family gatherings
that my sisters and i will often imagine during bed time
we will each cook a (vegetarian) dish
and gather at our parents' house
and have a great family time together:)

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