Thursday, March 18, 2010

Relax, take it easy

The craziest and stress-est and tired-est time of my life is over
it was so totally tired that it felt unreal...
it was only 2 weeks? but it felt like 2 months..
i really want to thank Yu Han and Eugene for making it possible
without their love and help...
i won't be alive...

now i feel a bit lost and weird
like unable to get over the fact that i no longer carry the heavy burden of work
oh and i'm ending 2nd year and starting 3rd year...
time flies~~

now the BIG question lies in front of me
to go OSIP or not?!?!
if i choose to go i'll just be one big selfish person
if i choose not to go... hai... i don't think i'll ever get to go india in the near future

Dear Heavenly Father!
Help! i don't know what to do!!!

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