Sunday, June 27, 2010

3 weeks to go

In 3 weeks time, at this point of the day, i'll be in INDIA!!!! I cannot believe it. I'm definitely worried. So much stuff to prepare and I have not really started and so many thing to complete. I'm WORRIED. a little scared and a little excited. Erm i still cannot fully comprehend and believe the fact that i'm going. -_- I can't. I asked people whether they will make the same choice as me but often they won't. Because it's scary, dirty, troublesome, unfamiliar.... but doesn't the fact that you can experience a totally different life and culture and the way people lives make up for all that?? which is why despite all the worries, i'm still looking forward to this internship:)

I'm excited to see other parts of the world that my Heavenly Father has created:)

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