Sunday, July 4, 2010

counting down.... LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!!!

Erm 2 weeks form now i'll be in INDIA!!!!  Cannot believe it.... I really wish that these 2 weeks all i need to do is pack my stuff and meet people that i'll miss when i'm in India. But sadly the coming 2 weeks i'm busy rushing AdCam:( WHY!!!!! But i must learn to embrace my work. If not i'll have a tough time getting it done. Our idea requires so much illustration:( I should not fear it!!!! I should use God's love to love my work and all the business!

oh I'm hungry! Hungry for Revival! 

And hungry for food only found in singapore (bean curd, mr bean, ah boling peanut soup, my mum's fired dumpling and honey green tea, my mum's cooking!!!!, tofu, mum's milo oreo, vegetarian niang tofu.....) those of you who are so free now, buy me some singapore food~~~

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