Thursday, July 8, 2010

1 week left

Counting down to india~~

I think because of caroline, i am more efficient. She is so hardworking. With her i cannot drag my AdCam work. God is really amazing. He really is.

On tues, the ad we had been working on got turned down and questioned by lecturers. It's really not totally our fault because the lecturer sounded as if he was ok with the idea and we could proceed. But our efforts were wasted and he left us totally at a lost because wed was the presentation. We were REALLY upset. I randomly thought of an idea and we chiong all night at caroline's house.

God's amazing interference + 0 sleep= Good presentation

Seriously we could have screw up with the idea, the 3 lecturers could have said anything that sounded logical. But God made them saw the good side of our idea. It is amazing. It is a miracle.

2 more weeks to india. Vaccination done. Insurance done. I just need to finish buying the stuff on my list. Going to india made my appreciate the little things in life:)

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