Saturday, July 10, 2010

Best Girls

My favorite group of girls:)
Really enjoyed my last cell with them before i head off for india next sat morning (9am flight)
Oi! Yiting where are you!!?? my last cell lei. never give me face~~ We had so much fun and all we lack is you! I really feel so blessed to be in this group. With such a sweet group of funny girls. All of us went through so much together and changed so much as a cell. We are so different yet we can have so much fun together. I'm gonna miss you guys so much when i'm in India. I always look forward to cell time every saturday. 12 weekends without you girls is too much to bear!! Please skype me during cell and sunday service! I don't want to miss out from any of the Princess action!

I will pray for you girls in India~~~

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