Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's raining now! yikes!

hey everybody!!! i know all of you are really worried abt me and so am i. i'm worried abt myself! Anw when we first arrive here we got a shock!! lol totally shocking! The chennai airport was already shocking eh it is 180 degree of difference from our sg airport. And i really learnt to appreciate everything in sg now.

First of all our "flat", hmmm nothing accept for 2 mattress. hopefully i can post up the photo. After much argument and tears with the company we got a fridge~~(for wat?!) and a super wobbly table. but no chairs yet. though they did promise some plastic chairs and gas stove by monday. view here.

#2 no electricity when it rains and it is monsoon season here! so you get the idea how often it is cut off right?? eh almost everyday. So don't have hope that i'll blog more often. oh and the water supply get cut off once in a while too. so we just bought this giant pail (a size that can drown kington! lol) to store water. It has a lid too because weird things will fall in.

#3 Now traveling... well you really need to be quite brave. The only cheap way is by a "6 seater" which is a doorless auto rickshaw kinda thing which suppose to seat 6 people comfortably with the driver at the front. BUT this in india~~ yea so there is no such thing as a "6 seater" minimum 10 people NOT counting the driver. and we reached a PEAK yesterday with 12 people +1 the driver. you got to realise that these "6 seater" things are really old and cranky (not your lovely taxis) I cannot describe how much i love the SBS bus and our dearest MRT!!! Forgot to add that there is almost no traffic light here where we stay! or anywhere near us. NO traffic lights so it we have to be brave, step out on the really crazy and honking traffic. They are crazy! the traffic!! it is like honk honk honk forever for no reason. A person with singapore driving license  will not survive here. after a week we are semi pro at crossing this crazy roads

#4 food....They are not really healthy in terms of the things they eat. Indians love sweet and fattening stuff. They eat chapati most of the time instead of rice. But there is still rice. at least lunch is provided for us at the office. They love spices here, they have spices everywhere! in everything! one good thing is pune has 70% vegetarians so i'm vegetarian diet is maintaing well:) But it's so difficult to get fresh vegetable served and just veggie! in no curry form! I really don't get why people thing good food is oily fatty and flavourful. It is like that almost everywhere! the "good" version of chinese food, malay food, indian and even western food are always like that. hai i don't get it. The only time i got salad was at a potluck at my colleague's house yesterday.

#5 work and my colleagues are nice. Can't describe much about my work because it is confidential. Just know that i learnt a lot and they are giving me things that i lkie and i can do. I'm becoming a more efficient designer too:) My head's name is Freeda, she is such s sweet person:) She is the one who invited us to her house these few days when her hubby was away. We slept over at her place twice and the potluck we had yesterday was at her place. She is really helpful and sweet. Another one is Roochna who brought us to watch Inception the movie at their cinema. the theater is REALLY BIG and the movie was really great! Our colleagues are really helpful and nice, they really made everything much more tolerable. 

i know people kept asking me to go stay over with a colleague or something but you really got to understand that they are really not as well off as us and their living condition is still nothing compare to average singaporeans. The supposedly well off once, their houses are still nothing compared to singapore. And don't tell us to borrow stuff and all that because they themselves have nothing much too. You really got to be here to understand the whole situation. And stop assuming that we can do this or that. Because it is not this way in india.

SO far i learn a lot. both physically and mentally. I think overall thing trip will really teach me a lot and i'm not about to give up despite everyone trying to get me to go back. It's not easy but hey not everyone gets a chance like this. And i really should learn to look on the bright side of life. And learn to appreciate the good(s) instead of the bad(s).

I'll try to be online after 12 at SG time everyday. So do go facebook or add me on skype to talk to me. MSN is not working v well so see ya all on facebook and skype. But don't forget, we do get electricity cut-off here~~

love all Singaporens:)

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