Sunday, August 15, 2010

3rd week!

3rd week!!!
I hope time flies~ I really miss Singapore and can’t wait to go back. I should try not to feel this way but I can’t help it. I’m tried and sick and so is leonard. Both of use having a terrible cold and i’m having this weird cough. I also wish that my hair will stop dropping. It looks so scary now:(
We had a tough week, Ots and late nights and horrible meals. Plus the virus in us.Can’t help but wish I was back in sg. I know i can take it and it is quite an exciting and different experience. But i gotta be truthful and admit i miss singapore. I miss the care of my family and Eugene. I miss not having to worry about every little details in life.
We went out alone whole day yesterday. To SGS mall which is near M.G. Rd. It is like a Malaysia mall? But worse. Only 2 stories but being inside we fell much safer and a bit of home. We had macdonald!! Yum! Vegetarian alternatives!!! Leonard had a vege patty meal and i had a paneer salsa wholewheet wrap. Very niceJ How i wish Singapore can have these alternatives too. It’ll make life much easier for me sometimes when i’m in a rush and need a quick bite. Fries also tasted great suddenly! Haha.The mall had The Body Shop, Esprit, Adidas etc. We went to Landmark after lunch, it is a bit like Borders, just that I don’t know why the books are so dusty. I found an interesting but poorly designed book called the How to Save the Planet. It gave quite practical and step by step ways to save the earth in every possible way from daily life to eating. Quite good but just that it is too brief, it’ll be good for youngsters. It gave me quite a bit of inspiration for FYP. We spent quite a long time there and Leonard bought a book to read.
Next stop—Dojabee, one of the better super market that import international brands. It is still smaller than bedok NTUC but it will have to do for now. Bought salad greens, tomatoes, corn, button mushroom, sliced veggie mix, paneer masala mix, paneer, curd, nutella and MILO! Hahahaaha. Leonard insisted on buying it because he really need it to feel a sense of home. It is very expensive! Around $10 sgd for one small can. Even the KOKA noodles here are expensive $1 sgd for a small individual pack, the price of 5 of it add together. The international brands are all quite expensive! We went back to SGS mall after that for chinese fast food. It’s call YO China! LOL! Chinese food with chinese prices. So funny! Leonard find the tag line really crappy. We had a fried rice combo with szchuan vege and manchuan thingy. No idea what it is. It tasted quite like our za chai fun but worse. Thoug it was quite popular and people were queuing up to get it. SGS mall also has the most number of Asians and Caucasian we have seen so far. It is quite comforting to see other Asians in India.
On the way back we stopped earlier at a fruit store to get custard apple, pomegranate and apple. Only to realise we stopped too early and there was a better and nearer fruit stall on the way down. We bought 2 more custard apples because they looked so big and yummy. The custard apple and pomegranate here is so much cheaper than Singapore! And they are so good for our health. So i’m planning on eating as much of it as possible while i’m hereJ
We cleaned the house again today! It get so dirty in just one week because of the dusty air and falling hairL I made us a salad for lunch and i’m planning on cooking a paneer masala later on for dinner. It will be quite easy with the ready mixed masala(spice in Hindi).
I think one of the reason we are sick is because of the bad air quality. It is very super dusty and carrying a scarf of cloth to cover your face is a must when you get out on the street and even on 2 seater. Good thing i bought along my scarf! We saw giant cows, goats and basket-ed chicken during our travel and lots of spitting men.
It’s exciting but i can’t help but wish it will end soon. I’m sick and tired~~~

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