Sunday, August 15, 2010

4th week!!! One month!

I’m so blur, i forgot to upload last weekend’s post-_-
So we spent most of last weekend and the first part of this week being sick. Terrible flu and sore throat. It felt horrible to be sick and nobody to take care of you. People who usually care for me are my family and Eugene and they are so far away from meL I miss home a lot. India is exciting and I really quite like my work and supervisor but being away from home and having to do everything on your own....not fun. And lonely.
We went to Dorabjee’s again yesterday to get more stuff for cooking. Yea we are saving up by cooking and I have cooked every dinner since last Sunday. We even had scramble paneer for lunch today. Very yummy! Who needs eggs when you get tofu?! It’s definitely a better alternative to eggs so I’m really glad i tried a new recipe today! I’m getting closer to my dream of becoming a vegan! I haven’t drank milk and eat eggs for a long time~ I just have to find ways of cutting down on yogurt(curd!) and ice cream!! Hmmm maybe make my own ice cream when i get back to Singapore? Well, this topic will continue later~
We also went to walk around a bit yesterday, following the Pune Guide that we got from the company, we found Kayani Bakery! I’m so glad we found this place! Mind you, it looks nothing like our singapore breadtalk or four leafs! It had no shelves or whatsoever only one big counter with lots of people squeezing in front of it. They are famous for their butter cookies! Especially the Shrewsbury ones and that was what we got! We bought half a kg of Shrewsbury and Brazilian nut and a small loaf of brown bread! Yummy! Totally love the cookies! It is definitely a bit too much for the both of us! Half a kg each! I think i’ll gain weight from it! Haha! But I’ll definitely pack them back for my family and the princesses! Yummy cookies coming your way in 2 months time!! YES!! 2 more months!!! One third through this internship!
We saw a giant cow moo in the middle of the street, a poor dog dead in the middle of the street little puppies roaming around, crazy rickshaw driver  having a fist fight with his passenger.. yes this is India! Drama is norm. We bought some yummy super yummy pink guava from the road side. Small and pink! You never get such good stuff in Singapore! The fruits here are really divine! Custard apple, pomegranate and now guavas! They are guavas are so sweet! It is not a popular fruit in Singapore because it taste so---blah~~ But in India, they are super good! I hope the guava season last till Oct! So i can bring some back! Oddly the things that excite me most here is food! I love trying their fruits and baked goods. Hmm so far I haven’t got to try any really good India food yet, it is definitely on my list of must try. The Little India restaurant still trash the Indian food i had so far.
Today is also India’s independence day! So there were lots of discount going on yesterday! I managed to get a good bargain of 3 books at only 99 rupees!! That is like $3.30 SGD! Yea! Actually my sole purpose is to get this book call Planet Chicken, it was around 149 rupees last week and i was tempted to buy because it is only $5 SGD but thank God I didn’t!!! Now i got it for only $1.30! Because 99 divide by 3:D I sound so auntie:X But I’m really thankful that God only allow me to buy this week! It will be a good book for me, my family and all those around me! I’ll have more information to bombard to regarding that scary chicken on your plateJ
I shall end this post on a cheery note since what the next post will be a little heavy and I don’t want to upset you by forcing it on you~

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