Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to kick off!

I'm thankful and amaze on the way God works! Totally blown away! I will never in my entire life expected God to use my blog to make people realise what vegetarianism and veganism is all about! I'm so touched by how God has helped people understand how i feel! Finally! Thank God!!!

So i really think just like how we must follow up with baby Christians i should be responsible to help you guys start your vegetarian diet or at least eat much lesser meat or animal product! Yup i'm trying to be vegan! I really feel that it is quite essential that I provide some tips because personally it would have been much easier for me if someone had gave me tips while i just started off. I'm not a pro and it is definitely much better if you guys can do some research on your own. Find the best way that can fit you!

First off, just try cutting down on your meat intake, if you have no choice or you feel tempted, choose fish! It is the healthier option. Don't eat beef or chicken, especially beef! They are super horrible for our environment! Worldwide, beef production contributes more substantially to climate change than the entire transportation sector! Yikes! Practical tip for eating out: Best if you can find a vegetarian stall but if you can't find one, you can always choose vege options from cai fan stall or malay briyani stall. For the bedok people, the coffee shop near bedok library(the one with Aston's) has a really good vegetarian store. I feel the niang dou fu is a much healthier option than normal vegetarian. 

For a start i think it is mush easier if you go visit vegetarian store and get your meal. But not only is it not that many options in Singapore,  it is often unhealthy because it is so oily and processed fake meat product. It is good for a start but in the long run, i really want to encourage everyone to just up your intake of veggies, fruits, multi grains, tofu and tempeh!

You may start exclaiming that hey no way man, i don't want to be like a goat and it is so difficult! Yu Jie it is easier for you because you always eat these kind of food! I know i have grown up in an environment that is much more exposed to veggie and food than all of you. But really eating healthily is much better for you and the environment and most likely your family and future family!

Next step, it is probably to learn to cook some simple stuff or pack your own simple lunches. I know how difficult it is to get a good healthy and yummy vegetarian lunch! One easy thing is probably sandwiches! At least it is vegetarian! One good delicious tip, toast your bread, add lettuce(hydroponics lettuce!), tomatoes slices, cheese and juicy pear/apple slices! It is easy and healthy! So So fast to make and if you find it not filling, you can always pack organic apple, cucumber, carrot.... etc to go with it! Light and healthy!

Once you get use to packing your own lunch, learn to cook simple dishes! simple vegan dishes! Veggie pasta, salad(so much combination!) and my current craze- scramble tofu!!! So good and you can always pack one early for your lunch! Why i keep emphasizing on packing lunch is because i understand how we are always our at school or work and it is best to just have a good vegetarian lunch prepared!

When you cook your own food, it is always healthier (much more!) and environmentally friendly! Go find a pretty lunch box and you won't need those Styrofoam or plastic containers anymore! If you are willing to spend money and want something totally healthy, please go to Salad Stop! It if so super good! Make you own salad for around $7-8 and you can add as many stuff as you want and they have such a huge range of veggie/fruits/nuts. Their salad dressing are great too! I know it is a bit too much for salad! You should make your own!!! I totally love salad and there are so many great blogs that have such fantastic recipes!

Go these blogs:
Choosing Raw
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This it is for now, do note that these are not christian blogs and there are some things that are not my take of life. I want  you guys to know that you can be a vegetarian and a Christian at the same time:D

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