Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A heart of Compassion

There is no word today because it is the end of the elephant god festival and it is really important to the Indians here, so important that we officially get a holiday! But sadly everywhere is close so we are stuck at home all day~ Quite sian but actually it is a blessing to have a day to rest and pray! Something also happened today at my Singapore home, so it was actually a good thing that i could be Skype the whole day.

My dearest youngest sister Yu Rou, she is such a special girl! She really is such a lovely and kind girl:D She always does thing that are unexpected and so so kind:) Even though to the outsiders she may seems to be the less 'smart' child in the house but really i feel that she really has a heart of gold compare to us when we are younger. She is so sensitive to others feelings and always does something that is so unexpected.

Today she found a pigeon at the void deck of our house, it was hurt and could hardly walk or fly. And what did she do? She carried it home and tried to find food for it! She was so upset when she called me on Skype because there was nothing in the house for the pigeon! She was crying so badly... She say she brought it back home because she couldn't bear to see it die. She even went out to buy bread for it! But that poor little pigeon got out of the box and look like it was dying. Yu Rou got so worried and called my parents for help( because i obviously couldn't do anything for her-_-") But my dad got really angry with her and i advised her to ask our neighbours for help. In the end our neighbours helped her get the poor pigeon into the box and she brought the bird together with some bread downstairs. Yu Rou was so heart broken because she didn't want to see the bird die.

I'm really touched by her actions. How many of us would have done what she did? I bet all of us will turn a blind eye and totally ignored the poor bird. She really has a compassionate heart even at such a tender age. She saw a poor soul that needed help and she just did her best to help. It made me question myself... As we grow up we tend to loose the heart to love and care, to do something that is out of our daily routine. We are so used to the seeing people beg or suffer that our hearts have turned cold. Isn't it true? When we see someone on the streets who genuinely seems like they need help, how many of us will pause and lend a hand? I got upset when i realised that my dad scold yu rou, telling her she did something very very stupid! Did he not see that she is so sweet? Instead of worrying so much about the bird spreading 'disease' and dirtying the house. Have we grown up to become too practical?

Yu Rou, i want you to know that your sister here is very proud to have you as my youngest sister and love you a lot:) I hope your story will inspire more people to get out of their comfort zone to show love and compassion to the people and animals around us! And definitely the animals on your plates too!


wendyschwee said...

Wow! Totally inspired! I have no words except to agree with everything in this post u wrote about yu rou... Except for the less smart part... Hahaha... I think she still young la, can't say anything about her intelligence until she turns about 60... =)!!!

Yu Jie said...

Yes i;m sure my dear Yu rou is very smart! It doesn't matter if she is not book smart~ But I'm sure she will shine for Christ!:)