Monday, September 20, 2010

Eat eat eat

Before i start posting everything that we consumed on saturday, i just want to state that actually i love eating. (even though i may not look like i love food!) I love eating and i'm a picky eater. I love finding and reading up on places that serves good food. I will appreciate more if they are vegetarian friendly and healthy. I believe good food are created from fresh and clean product that do lots of good to our body and is kind to the environment. Why i suddenly got onto this topic because even though i love eating, i have spend a lot of my time in recent years, stopping myself from consuming too much food(in fact most of the time starving myself....). But i'm feeling better now, because i don't face the stress of people commenting on my appearance and other problems that i left temporary in Singapore.

I think it will really do me a lot of good if people around me just keep their comments to themselves and stop making unnecessary remarks about my weight. Do you really have to say think like, 'hey yu jie you seems to have gained weight!', 'hey you are fatter now', 'oh my why you so skinny huh!' etc. Look i don't care about what you think of me ok? So just leave my appearance alone! Gaining a bit of weight is not fat! I hate the word FAT!!! Get it?! Why are people who are really fat don't get comments like that... Look skinny people are sensitive too, it is not like i'm crazy over looking like a model. Just that i don't want to have to struggle silently after someone make a unnecessary comment about my weight again. It has happen once too many times, so i prefer if everyone just leave the outward appearance alone and talk about the weather~

ok enough of angst! lol time for some food photo of saturday:
Stuffed mushrooms starters~ really yummy!
Thai crispy noodles~ tasted ok, but not very thai~
Thai noodles and sambal veggie? Taste and look nothing like sambal~
Singapore map on the menu( can you see Bedok?!)
the best custard apple and mango ice cream! YUM!
Happy cinnamon coffee!
sugar cubes!
veggie lasagna! ( this is the last time i consume cheese~~)
leonard's chicken food~~
Doesn't look like india right?
We went to K.P and had lunch at Melaka Spice(for some not v authentic south east asia food!), seasonal fruity ice cream at the Natural, ice tea at Barista, dinner and tea at Aroma. After feeling so bloated after the cheese i think i may finally stop my love for it and be another step close to becoming a vegan~

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