Monday, September 27, 2010

House Tour

This is the crazy place we stay in~ You know chalet and camps? (remember last year youth camp...) It is like staying at those sort of places everyday~ We have all sorts of insect crawling around~ big bomb lizard, squashed green grasshopper, cockroaches, spiders, ants, i-dont-know-the-names...... And it is always so dirty and dusty despite the fact that we spend one day cleaning it thouroughly every week:(

The sad-looking 'kitchen', cooking is like camping here~ I miss my kitchen in Singapore!!!
( oh u can see me in the mirror reflection!)

Really looks like camping right?! Oh i insist on using olive oil for cooking!
(see the bottle on the left? it's leonardo's olive oil! lol!)
See how much veggie we consume in one meal? this is our typical dinner plates(pre-cook)! 2 big plates of colourful vegetables! You know that to have a balance meal we should have vegetables of all sorts of colours? Yup! Some days our plates are even more colourful!

our typical 'chinese' noodle meal, we also have pasta, veggie soup and tofu scramble on the boring but quite healthy menu~ Dinner is often accompany by 'How i met your mother' on my netbook! Thanks to Li yeow!
Our 'living' room, actually it is our laundry room~
tiny fridge and 'shoe rack'!

Super messy sleeping area+skype room

cleaning weapons + giant pail (to store water for the crazy water cuts!)

So people this is the pathetic place we have been living in for 3 months! So don't ever complain about Singapore! It is a great country! And don't complain about not being able to cook! If i can cook here, so can you!!!!


YY said...

Haha i always feel so encouraged when i read about your vegan journey! Jiayou! Can't wait to see you back in sg!

Yu Jie said...

thanks! All the best for your last leg of the internship! Looking forward to the holidays~~~

gohyurou! said...

i thought robin is the mum laaaaa!they say the mum coming out in season 6-yx