Monday, September 27, 2010


 I have the best supervisor yea? She invited us after work last night to enjoy some pancake with chocolate sauce! She really is a superb supervisor! So talented, humble and kind! I'm really blessed to work under her! (note! pancakes are non-vegan!)
The giant pancake the leonard tried to make! I love this pan! So good for making pancakes! I want!
We added bananas into them! SO
We bought watermelons to her house because i knew she has normal(big) knife so we got to enjoy the sweet watermelons!

Now for our weekend eats: (Korean restaurant (again!) and Aroma cafe)
My cinnamon and ginger tea! Really nice! but a bit too sweet~

Leonard's green tea and honey latte. So nice!!!
My cold soy noodles~ Quite nice but i got a bit sick of it toward the end.
Should totally have more vegetables! (there were only cucumbers and noodles!)

Leo's Ja Jiang Mian!!! Black bean paste with potatoes, onions and mushrooms
( i should have ordered this!!! It's so good!) i'm still a lover for hot food~
My vegetable submarine! quite nice, the veggie patty is nice but they should add more veggies!
Don't like fries and they are not even hot!
yux! leonard's totally meat pizza which he finished all on his own!

Oh we managed to weight ourselves too! There was this free weighting scale outside the stationary shop that we went to and we weight ourselves~ Sadly we both hope the weighing scale is spoiled because my weight dropped and his remains the same even though he thought he lost weight and i thought i gained weight! lol! But maybe it is because i have so much hair that i dropped 1kg of it?! or maybe it is because i have diarrhea every 2/3 days~~ Nevermind we are going back soon~

Did i mention that the handmade paper here is very cheap?! one A0 size for 50 cents! Score! We bought quite a lot of papers~~ :) Oh i'll let you guys know why i think we eat a lot in the next post~

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