Saturday, September 25, 2010

Love, Pray, Eat, Draw

Recently i have been thinking, why do i want to blog? How should i categorise it? But i realise this is just a space for me to Love, Pray, Eat and Draw(and only in this sequence!) Hopefully whatever it is that i rant here, it will somehow bless you in one way or another. India has change my blog too huh? lol

If you notice i have deleted my tagboard, not because i don't love it when all of you tag(i really love your encouraging words so much!!!) but because if you noticed there have been some really irritating and unnecessary spams on the tagboard. I want to say a big thank you to all of you out there who have been reading this tiny small blog of mine! THANK YOU!! I really hope of you will comment instead because every time i get a comment, I'm more inspired and thankful and so encouraged!


Anonymous said...

look at this:

new restaurant in singapore serving up vegetarian burgers!

Yu Jie said...

yes i just knew not long about it! I'm totally excited to try it out! I won't have to miss the indian macdonald now! It seems like their bread is organic too!

You went there yet?

Anonymous said...

no not yet !

anyway whens your return flight? 4, 5 am i heard?

Yu Jie said...

oh no! not so late! 11 Oct monday! around 7am~~ let's meet up during the hols to cook/bake/visit veganburg k! :)