Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Why do we often live wishing that time will pass faster so that we can do certain things or think about our past how we wish we could turn back time? Why don't we live now? In the present? We are often living and hoping in the past and future but many of us choose to forget about NOW.

During the India trip, i kept wishing time will pass faster so that i can get back to Singapore faster but now that I'm in Singapore i can't help but look back at the India trip and miss it so much. I learnt so much from the trip and one most important thing- I only have one life and i got to live it's worth! I really got to live out every second of my life instead of just letting each day pass as if they are not important, each day is a blessing!
Veggie seller's son!

Fruit Stall<3

Lovely kiddos

Great friends! Miss them!!!

Boating river!

Truck Art! Why singapore don't have...

The sweet little girls in their pretty saris:)

Priya! I miss her!!! Uber cute!!

my 'new' shoes!

My lovely colleagues:) Miss them!


My sweet supervisor, her mum and I in sari-s!

India was a really life changing experience for me, it's a crazy lovely country:) I admit i did got really pissed off with the whole living situation and how the company and my lecturer handled the situation and my attitude and perspective of the whole situation was quite terrible. But if given a chance to turn back time and choose again, I will still choose to go India even if we were stuck sleeping on the floor for 3 months. We had to pay for every single thing unlike most of the OSIP internships, we had to cook on our own to save money, we had to clean the house weekly, wash our clothes with our hands, take 6 seaters everyday, cross crazy highways without traffic light(and risking our lives!), carry vegetables and 5 litre bottles from work all the way to our homes, cry secretly at night because i miss home too much, get really pissed off by rickshaw drivers who wants to cheat our money AGAIN, dirty my new flower shoes, cook in candlelight, no water and electricity at home, drop hair+grow pimples because of bad air and water.... I will still go India!

I met lovely people like my colleagues, supervisor, vegetable sellers and fruit vendors, i saw how simply awesome and beautiful the nature can be! I saw how hardworking and innovative Indians can be, i ate delicious and fresh fruits.. above all i realised Singaporeans don't know how blessed they are! We have everything! Clean roads, clean air, clean water, electricity everywhere(i keep worrying that my electricity will get cut off!), good Internet connection, sturdy infrastructure, proper lift system, predictable weather, good government... seriously just having all these on their own are more then enough to be thankful for. I can't help but be surprise at how people can be so materialistic here. It seems that a lot of Singaporean are never happy with what they have and always wanting more or complaining about something. Looking back, I'm amazed at how adaptable the Indians are to all the crazy constraints in their country yet they are so hardworking and always laughing!

Coming back i have learnt to treasure so much more! My time, i wake up early to run and pray, i plan my meals before hands, i did a lot of housework, i make sure every hour is well spent because our time is precious, every day is precious! I learnt to treasure water and electricity and just about every paper and plastic. I went to NTUC with four reusable bags, i make sure we flush the toilet bowl with water from our veggie washing, i prepare containers if my parents want to ta pao food. I have learnt to take small steps each day to treasure whatever that i have because i know now that everything is a gift and blessing from our Father in heaven and nothing should be wasted! Be it time, object, food or people. I'm trying to stop m family from watching TV too because i have survived 3 months without it, I'm sure my family can too~

I now know human relationship is the most important of all and the free time we have should be spent with our family and using kindness and love towards each other. These 2 weeks will be a training time for me to learn to love and be patient with the rest of my family member, by doing the housework without complaining and cooking food full of love:) I only have one life and i;m going to live it with love! I'm gonna love my environment, animals, people around me and most importantly loving God! I only have one life to get to know Him better each day! I need to treasure the time i have with Him!

The things i experienced in India were just too precious for words and i can't tell you how much i wish you were there with me:)


YUHAN said...

Reflections by yujie! Like it! Agree! Jiayou! Will Learn to spend every hour wisely!

Haha I'm trying to comment like you~~~~~~!

YUHAN said...

And I really appreciate what you're doing for e family, thank you my beloved older sister!

YY said...

Wow my eyes welled up reading your post! Yujie zhang da le.. ke yi jia ren le.. :D i find myself getting inspired every time i read! Thank God for his sovereign hands upon your life!

Yu Jie said...

Thanks yy! India is really great:) you should go open day! Thanks Han!