Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Are you going to live for Christ?

Is your life perspective focused on what really matters?

One important thing i learnt in India is instead of viewing things from the human point of view, why not by faith?  When i learnt to put 'me' down, I could see that my Lord is building up my faith by teaching me to trust in Him in all circumstances. When we learn to do things according to how God lead us, instead of going against His guidance, we will normally reap unexpected results. It is amazing what God can do in your life if you are willing to obey.

Often in situation we only see how everything is not going our way, but what we really need to do is pause and pray. Is this really the way God wants it to be? Have i viewed from God's point of view? Towards the end of the trip, God showed me how amazing His creation were, I could only stare in awe and i just want to cry. Only then did i understand why God forced me to India, not to make me suffer but to enjoy and worship Him. Knowing a Lord who so amazingly built the mountains and the rivers actually loves you and wants you to love Him back. This point itself is already beyond my understanding. Do we realise that when we have the urging feeling to pray, read the Bible and spend time with the Lord, He is the one who put the feeling in us? He first love us and want us to draw close to Him, not the other way round. When we get this feeling, we should immediately draw close to Him because it is not everyone/everyday that this happens. The amazing creator of the Earth wants to spend time with us, shouldn't we be running into His arms??

This brings me to the point that our God has given us a gift which is this life that we have. We only have one life and we should treasure every minute of it. One minute wasted is like throwing away one minute of the gift from our Lord. We only have maybe around 80 years to live, actually it is not a lot if you look at the big picture. How do you want to spend this life? How do you want to distribute your time? One life to know God better? Seize it! Read His Word, pray! Fellowship with Him! Get to know Him better each day! One life to love those around you? Seize it! Love and serve everyone around you with all your heart! Treasure them! Let them know they matter to you! Let them know that Jesus love them! The moment you don't do it may be a chance of losing them to Hell. One life to love the earth and you body? Seize it! Our body is the temple of Christ! We should treasure it! It is a gift! With a healthy body we can do so much more for Christ! So how are you going to treat it? Our earth is God's creation, He gave us this beautiful earth to love and treasure but how many of us are making a choice each day to harm it, be it by the food we consume or the waste we churn.

We only have one life! Live it like it matters! Stop spending time watching TV, updating your facebook status, tweeting etc. If we put all these small amount of minutes and hours together, perhaps we can spend the time with a friend in need of a listening ears? We are given the stewardship of time from Christ, we should seize every opportunity to love God and love others:)

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