Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rojak Rojak!


Oh this post was due yesterday, but I was too busy and by the end of the day I got too tired and fell straight asleep~ But I made this Rojak last night! Rojak is a mix of veggies, fruits and you tiao ( Chinese oil stick! eww!) and is a very Singapore dish. My whole family love this dish but sadly they have to put some kind of animal product in and in this case- shrimp paste! (arg!) But thankfully Singapore also has a lot of vegetarian food company who have vegetarian-ized lots of pastes and sauces. My mum bought this Vegetarian Rojak paste which contains sugar, chilli, vegetarian belacan, sesame seed and salt. So this paste tastes sweet and spicy~ This is my version of Rojak and basically i think it is quite a flexible 'South East Asia salad'!

Vegan Rojak!
serves 2

Toast 2 slices of vegan bread (this act as the you tiao! but healthier!)
1 small apple
2 small cucumber
1/2 a big Asian pear
1/2 pineapple( I didn't add this because my sisters ate them all up before i could use them but you must add it!!! pineapple is a must have in Rojak!)
A handful of cherry tomatoes
A handful of roasted peanuts/ 2 tablespoon of peanut powder
A handful of corn( i use raw corn)
2 tablespoon of Rojak sauce( 1 for each bowl)

Cut everything into bite size, spoon the Rojak sauce into each bowl, mix it up and top off with peanut powder! Remember to mix mix mix!

I'm glad to be participating in MoFo, even though my recipes may not be fantastic like some blogs that i read. But it is so inspiring and i learnt so much from various blogs! It is very difficult to be a vegan in Singapore, a lot of peope don't even know what a vegan is!! They know vegetarianism due to religious reason but the vegetarian food in Singapore do have quite a bad name of being oily and unhealthy(too much fried faux meat!). I'm glad to at least know that there are so many vegans around the world who believe that their diet and lifestyle can make an impact on this earth! 


scuttle said...

You might not think your recipes are fantastic, but I am enjoying learning more about the food you eat!

Yu Jie said...

Wow thanks for your sweet comment:)