Friday, November 5, 2010

Vegetable farm and CACTUS steamboat!

Today is a public holiday and thank God for the amazing weather! Our family planned to go for a morning hike at Machritchie Reservoir and head down to the Choa chu kang farms, but it started pouring really heavily in the morning! We were quite upset and I prayed that it was all in God's hand and asked Him to bring us through. Thank God even though we couldn't go for our hike but when we reached the farm area the sun came out! The weather was amazing! Thank God for His grace!!!

I love going to the vegetable farms in Singapore! These are the few rare ones left in Singapore and they produce amazing vegetables! Our first stop was FireFlies farm which produce and import organic vegetables and they sell out really fast despite being at such a remote of Singapore. Their sweet potatoes are so big and cheap! :D
My mum picking out the best veg!

Sweet potatoes, mini pumpkins and turnips(jicama?)!!!!

The guy is harvesting Dou Miao~

Beautiful weather at the farm:)

Our next stop is the mushroom and cactus farm! We bought lots of mushrooms, Aloe Vera and a cactus which we used for our steamboat tonight! Eh i forgot to take note of the name of the farm~

The farm also grow wheatgrass and the guy is harvesting them at an amazing speed!

Growing black fungus!

A overall view of the farm, lots of cactus all around~

Next stop- Bollywood Vegetable farm and Poison Ivy restaurant! It was as amazing place! Their organic bananas are small in size but taste amazing! I want to grow banana trees too! They are fantastic! We had a healthy meal at Poison Ivy , the bistro at the farm. Most of the veggies are directly from the farm and no msg! It tasted light just like out typical home cooked food and I definitely prefer it better than Singapore typical zhi char.

Love the hand-painted signs!

Banana trees!!!!!!!

Brown rice to go with the dishes~

Sweet potato leafs stir-fry with garlic~

Vegetable Curry~

Sou sauce tofu with mushroom~

Super good veggie tempura!

Fig tea~ Good for the hot day!

Well of course the day didn't just end this way~ It ended with the best steamboat i ever had! Cactus soup base steamboat! Whoo~~~ Well my mum is the amazing cook who made this happen! She is really fantastic! I will definitely try to get the proper recipe to post it up here. But it is a vegan cactus soup and there were turnip and lots of chinese herbs in it! Everything in the steamboat were fresh products from the farm trip!

All chinese love steamboats! They are great for family gathering and there is no fix way of planning a steamboat meal. But sadly typical steamboat we get at restaurants now are always full of frozen meat(yuck!) and processed food! So as my theory of the best food comes from home prepared food is proven true once again today! For the amount of organic veggie and tofu that went into our steamboat, we would probably have to pay a sky high price at vegetarian restaurants. But I bet you will never get cactus soup anywhere! 

 Green Wheat grass noodle to go with the steamboat~
 Cactus soup in steamboat pot, mushrooms, tomatoes, leafy veg, tofu and vegetarian dumplings!
All the fantastic mushrooms bubbling in the pot!
The cactus cooked! Taste kinda like winter melon~

Whoa a supper long post! But today was such a great day i definitely have to share it here for VeganMofo! Oh forgot to add i finally bought a red organic capsicum today!!! So precious! and expensive! I'll probably use it for a salad tomorrow~~


Anonymous said...

i'm a chinese who doesn't like steamboat! :p

the food at poison ivy looks real good!!! i love red rice! i like it to be cooked with a bit of salt and olive oil~

:) lovely family outing you have!

Yu Jie said...

As long as it is vegan steamboat, I'm pretty happy with it! We should have went to the Bollywood farm the other time! The bananas tasted fabulous!

Falovi said...

What a great post! The veggie farms seems amazing, I wish I had some of those close by. And the prepared food looks awesome. Looking forward to read your blog more!

Yu Jie said...

Thanks for your sweet comment!