Saturday, November 20, 2010

VeganMoFo- I miss you!

I am busy and stress up lately. I have a tendency of avoiding things when things get out of hand. I also think that being in India has successfully trained me to keep things to myself. When too much stuff goes on i just push them back...

Forget it! I shall not talk about the stressful stuff! Food!!! I think my friends think that i hate food but i think they are totally wrong, a person who knows how to appreciate food will love wholesome veggies and fruits because they are the purest form of good food from God! If He wanted you to eat cup noodles, He would have just created a cup noodles tree instead of an apple tree right??? I seriously find it really crazy that my friends eat so so little fresh veggies and fruits! It is really weird how little veggies singaporeans eat! ok one day i shall food stalk one of my friends to prove this point!
Happy Birthday Daddy! not vegan cake:(
i have no idea what is wrong with the vegetarian bakery, no eggs but dairy cream?!

I love these desserts!
Sesame paste! Red bean paste! Almond paste!

New and improved version of ja jueng mian!

Some hot chilli paste and tomatoes are essential to make it not that salty!
Personally a taste that goes well with my taste butt!

Super good sandwich duo!

Marinated tempeh and apple salsa with alfafa aprout!

Avocado pesto spread and mushroom with leeks with sprouts!

I think i have developed a habit of creative food fridays, because i tend to explore more on fridays! I love the pesto spread and i didn't know tempeh tasted o good when marinated!!! I'll try to type the recipes here when i have more time~~


Allysia said...

Those sandwiches look like complete heaven!!

And I agree with your sentiments about friends and family not eating much fruits and veggies...mostly everyone I know relies heavily on packaged, plastic-wrapped processed food like sausages and microwave dinners, and I'm like, where's the green stuff? :(

jiaying said...

i eat veggg and i love tempeh~

anyway the first photos, those framed photos at the back, is it of you and your sisters? like president's photos like that! so cute~

anyway hope the stress dies down, we must appreciate and enjoy the last of school life before stepping out into real world. :(