Thursday, November 25, 2010

VeganMoFo-Eugene's Style

Just a VeganMofo by my dearest Eugene! I'm secretly so proud of eu darling! These are his first few attempts so far at salad making! His not a full fledge vegan yet but give this guy some credits! From our crazy quarrel days over animal consumption (and secret eating of Big Macs! EWWW!) to eating fresh fruits and salads everyday and making them all on his own in his university dorm. I think he has made vast improvements since i came back! Last last week he didn't even know he had to wash his vegetables before cutting! So blur but so cute! Haha. He made such big improvement in his diet and i'm really really happy! He is probably the healthiest NTU student now! He only eats fresh fruits and veggies and nuts and oats! I want to eat like him too! Salad everyday~~ But i still have my sisters to think about and of course organic salad greens are not that cheap for a family of 6:(

Well i'm going to start work soon in a few months time! The only perk of starting work is more money to buy organic veggies, save up for a food processor and dehydrator! Yay!

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