Wednesday, December 1, 2010

VeganMoFo till next year~

Sadly this time round i didn't get to post as much as i wanted to:( I'm just too busy with school work and stress. But I really thank God for giving me a chance to meet fellow MoFoe-ers, they make me feel that being vegan is not weird at all. A whole bunch of vegans are out there and they are really sweet and fun people( well, at least on their blogs!). They are really great cooks too! I'm really thankful to all the international readers whose comments are so encouraging:) Seriously Singapore still has a loooong way to go before we become a more understanding and environmentally-friendly society. Most people here don't even know what vegan means or the difference between vegetarian and vegans:( How i wish i have friends like these! One of my favorite vegan blogger(maybe because she is asian too!), she has a bunch of sweet friends who actually bother making vegan food for her! nice~~

Thunder Tea Rice
Even though it is a little late but last food to introduce to Vegan MoFo- Thunder tea rice! I had a really horrible day yesterday, i just couldn't post anything~~ Just buy the thunder tea rice without the ikan bilis and i think it should be vegan! Yum! I really wish i know how to make this~ It is absolutely fantastic! Normally comes with rice and 5-7 kinds of veggies, peanuts and tofu in a tea soup! yes tea soup! It makes the whole thing green in colour! I love this dish! My sisters bought it back for me yesterday and it was good:) I'm sure i can find better ones in Singapore, but this is one dish i'm not picky about! I love it! And it is healthy too!

Well despite the most horrible day of the year- yesterday, it was cheered up by thunder tea rice and the sweet little girlie below! Well ending off with a sweet bye bye~

cute little cousin:)

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