Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wacko!!! There is no turning back!

Oh ho very good! Very successful people! I am upset and don't want to be a vegetarian now. I don't want to be because 95% of the people around me are against me/don't understand me/hate me. How i sincerely wish time will turn back and I did not do the IP project for vegetarian society of singapore which lead me to read Eating Animals which led me to Veganism which lead me to this big headache/upset. Too bad I know what is going on now and I cannot turn back time and if anyone force me to eat an animal's corpse i'll just vomit and die.(maybe not but i'll run away to hide in a hole...) The point s i cannot don't want to be a vegan/vegetarian because i CAN'T!!!!! I have to do it!!! I cannot eat with so much cruelty and hack-care about the earth! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Why can people do it???? I don't get it either! Oh gosh angst teenage girl! Oh but i'm 20 already! So i have to be matured and nice to people who love destroying their health and the world! :D

Today i taught 15 kids that we should love sharks and protect them:) I spent time researching and found a fantastic guide online to educate kids on protecting sea creatures! I felt for a little while i was doing something meaningful in the world. The kids kinda got what i was teaching them. I feel that it is so possible to change the way people live if they are educated at a young age.

What you should all know about sharks:
-they have been around for 400 million years
-they are the protectors of our oceans! (they keep the food chain balance:)
-There are only less than 100 sharks attack in a year with very few fatal cases
-Human are the reason they are facing extinction
-Human kill them by the 100 millions
-Sharks fins have zero benefits(yeah! Stop Stop Stop crazy people!)
-Many many sharks are left to die after their fins get cut off...

Is it worth for such an amazing species of animal o die just for your STUPID SHARK FIN SOUP??? Gosh humans are really selfish huh... During lessons today what most of the first stuff the kids know about sharks....shark fin soup! gosh:( Why can humans do it anyway. Be cruel, cause animals to be extinct and grow fat-_-" Even after my lesson there is still one kid who said that he wants to kill sharks and drink shark fin soup.(Well it is no coincidence that he is overweight, no offense but you are what you eat) Even though all the up and downs i still face today as a vegan wannabe I felt that at least i made a small difference in the kids life today. They learnt that sharks are not evil, not made to kill humans and humans are the one killing them. I thought they won't get it, but i could tell a few of them got it. I was so touched when this girl went out and told her mum/maid(sorry not clear which) that she learnt that we should not kill sharks! Sweet:) (heart melts!) My dearest friend if you still intend to serve shark fin on you wedding, then just don't invite me k? I don't want to fight with you or hold a 'parang' against your chest to warn you against it! (not joking!)

The sharks are made of reused materials!(newspaper, old art paper, cupboard etc)
Singapore is so backward in terms of environmental awareness, it is simply amazing. We are such a developed and fast pace country yet shark consumption is legal?!! gosh! I know how some non-singaporeans may feel, ridiculous right?! I love my country, my friends and relatives, but shark fin soup?! *faint faint* too cruel!!!!!!!

hmmm maybe i should try to be less passionate or enthusiastic about things i believe in?! I need to sound less wacky right~ But this is my blog, not yours!


Fanny said...

Stay strong!

BunzOfCinnamon said...

Don't give up! I know it's hard, I've been in rough situations too. One time, a girl LAUGHED at me when she found out I was vegan. LAUGHED...for a LONG time, till it was uncomfortable. Then she stuck her finger in my face and tried to lecture me about how we'd be plagued with all sorts of terrible diseases if man didn't hunt animals.

That was a long time ago, and I still remember it. Some people will never overcome their ignorance and judgmental ways. So sad.

Like Fanny said, STAY STRONG!

Yu Jie said...

Thanks girls for your sweet encouragements:)
It is good to know that at least there are some people in other parts of the world who understands:)
Hopefully one day, people around me will understand too~

Madeline said...

I accidentally stumbled onto ur blog while searching for vegan recipes..u reminded me of myself when I was younger except that I wasnt as strong and courageous as u r. Being a vegetarian is already a bumpy road in singapore..being a vegan? u r truly admirable! I understand all the emotions u r going through...lonely, frustrations, anger, disappointment, the feeling of helplessness at some pt, etc.. but pls pls pls continue to do what u r doing now...u r making an impact. Im inspired by ur spirit! Keep strong gal :)