Monday, July 9, 2012

Amazing Grace, Amazing Love

The world's perception of love and marriage has become warped and I think a relationship that last 8 years before marriage is rare and unimaginable to most. So I think it is pretty amazing to witness F&J wedding on 07/07/2012, they are role models of faith, hope and love to the young people in our church. When they chose to place God as the priority in their lifes, everything else fall into place. They managed their whole wedding, house and renovation in 6 months! That is what I call amazing grace! Look how happy zl is! I can feel her bliss!

I was also super touch by their sincerity in the details like writing card to show their gratitude and special effort to cater to my dietary need. My vegetarian food at the banquet dinner tasted AMAZING! The chef hardly used any mock meat and all the dishes were made of very fresh and delicious veg and fruits! Really good:)

On a side note, decide to write here again because I realised how interesting it is to read what I wrote in the past! And this is a good way to count my blessing and off load all the stuff that have been happening in my life. Sometimes I wonder how much more hurdle must I cross to reach a certain platform so that I can at least catch my breath....

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