Monday, August 13, 2012

Royal Kids

The little angel who can dance and pray much better than any adult at the age of 4
Super wonderful worship and dance
Village kids praying
Jiayi in her Indian wear!
Pray for the nations
Royal kids! Worship and prayer warriors!
She is 10 years old! But can pray with so much faith!
Outdoor prayer and worship for children!
Street of india
The image that sums it all up! Pray and love like a child! This pretty little girl is only 7!

How do I know when I'm India? I smell it! The exact colourful range of smell! Spices, sweat, some kind of oil, dirt, some drainage, and fried food I think is vadapau! Oh the smell brings back so much memory! The road trip here was kinda horrid due to all the sweat and dirt and air but it was just so typical India ride! We arrived at royal kids children home and wow I am just amazed! What greeted me was a sight v unexpected, what I didn't get to see at all when I was in Pune! Kids! But happy and joyous and Christ-filled kids! Wow! I didn't even meet a single Christian when I was in Pune, many of my colleagues were Catholics but that is very different from Christians. We had free time so we went around the whole compound and even played with the kids! We played hide and seek and I must admit I am old!:( hahaha but the kids here are really amazing! They may seem just like normal children when they play but when they start praying and worshipping! Wow! You just can't believe the way they worship and pray! They just dance and move, so free and so in love we Jesus! Even though they are all much smaller size than us they are just amazing. They all carry themselves in such a mature way, it is hard to believe they are still so young. And their prayers! So full of faith and boldness that I have never seen in kids or even grown-ups before! Their faith and love so pure it is very touching. When they prayed for us, I just want to cry. So much of God's presence, so pure and so full of faith of their heavenly Father! They are also very friendly and loving, so willing to hug and smile.

The royal kids home has successfully developed a culture of God centeredness that has failed to be developed even in churches. It is a place of love and care and most importantly God. The children learn to take care of each other, pray fervently and worship together. It's is a very anointing sight:) the best thing here is the way they worship! They encouraged everyone to worship just like children and have no hold backs. When they worship, you will just smile! Really genuine and pure!

The children in royal kids are either orphans or their family have trouble raising them up and even some from child labour. Pastor Anton Cruz's ministry provide them with a home, food, education and most importantly God's love. They showed them that though they are perceived as trash in the world, they are treasures in God's sight. Their living environment is one of love, discipline, worship and prayer. When I see the grown up girls of Royal Kids, it is no doubt that there have never been a more successful way to raise your children. They are all so mature! Beyond their years! Even a child of 4 years portrayed true worship and prayer I have never seen before! I really can't help but think that these children are so much more wealthy in terms of their spirits and emotions than most Singapore children. Singapore children may look wealthy and have everything they need, but they are much like orphans in spirit.
Tomorrow is the last day in India and I must say time really flies. And God is really working in my life and in this trip. God used the whole Royal kids and the different pastors sharing to change my heart and spirit. My Father loves me more than anything and He has helped me conquer all things. He is trying to build me up through the whole International Children Intercessors Conference. The Lord first! All things else are secondary! Visions will fall in place, life will change when He is first. God really is guiding me and helping me and placing in my heart the burden for revival ever stronger than before. Even though I really don't know when or how. But what did I learn? Why worry about all these? Did God say to worry about His plans for me? He planned, he knows y best! He will guide me as long as I listen and quieten my hearts to listen to Him.

Thank you God for loving me so much and moulding me. He is a gentle and loving Father. My heavenly Father showed me what is true love and worship and purity and innocence through this conference and the children. The whole culture of prayer and worship is what I desire to see in my life, my church and my country! Of course now I worry about how I am going to bring all these back to Singapore, but He will brings us to higher grounds and His power and love down when we just seek Him! He loves us!!!

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