Monday, August 13, 2012

Building the Family Altar

"I will turn the hearts of the children to fathers and the hearts of fathers to children" - Mal 4:6

Dear Abba Father,
I didn't realized that when I just seek You and love You and obey your nudging, You will bring miracles and power in my life. I never know Your power and mighty love can be so amazing that it is out of my grasp and beyong my expectation. Last night when You told me to used what I learnt in India and showed it to my family, I never knew You can do all these through me. Because who am I that you show me so much love? Now I realized and I am still in awe. You told me to wash my family's feet, I was hesitant, will they accept it? Will they get what You want to say to them? Will they accept me? A daughter and sister who has hurt them in ways even I do not realized some times. But I saw the red basin for washing feet, I just couldn't ignore Your voice! Well better to do it than not do it, I obey and You work right? So i took the basin of water and gathered everyone and said You told me to wash their feet and the things i learnt in India. I guess tears were inevitable and there were loads of it. Abba Father, you know it took a lot for me to do it all? Especially to wash my dad's feet and cry and pray for them? It was so difficult especially when they had their normal reactions at first( say lame stuff, think that I am weird etc.) but when I really started washing and tearing and crying and praying, God your power was so strong upon my family. All the prayers that i said, I never knew you could tell me all that and I could actually hear what You want me to tell them! Abba Father you love me so much! You love my family so much that you broke down the wall in my parents heart and Your love could flow into them! I haven't see my mum and dad cried for very long already and neither have I cried like this in front of them for very long already. I have also never so openly pray in front of them or kneeled in front of them asking for forgiveness and praying for them. Plainly said I have never even learnt to humble myself in front of my parents before. Thank you for healing the family wounds Abba Father! Thank you for restoring my parents' faith in You! You showed them that You have not forgotten them and You love them even more than they ever realized just though my humility. God even though it was so so difficult to just portay my most broker self in front of them but when i really act out what I have learnt in the pass few months and the Chennai trip, the result of it is the supernatural healing of the family! God it is really true when we build up the family altar, supernatural power will come upon the family!

God continue to work powerfully in my hear and life! I just want to focus on You and only You. Be lead by the Holy Spirit and nothing else! You You and only You Abba Father!

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