Monday, August 6, 2012


Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world

These few days have been a little horrid for me, I start to have depressing thoughts again and also body issues struggle. Give me a year before and you won/t find any of my photos because I hate taking them. But God brought me through, I am healing one step at a time. I am currently having a terrible gum swelling that is so incredibly painful I can't eat... It's terrible! I can't talk properly and every moment it just terrible. It's hard for me to focus on God when all I can feel is pain. Actually it is just hard for me to focus on anything. I am flying to Chennai tomorrow, why does all these have to happen now? I just want to eat and have some energy before I go for this trip. I have been to India, one definitely has to e very prepare to make any trip. I think my parents are worried about my condition and the trip. I know I can handle it but I don't want them to worry. I am really old enough to know what to do. This pain is terrible! Arg~ I think it just remind them of the time when I went to Pune and my mum was very upset. But that trip was one of the most exciting time of my life! Not because it was comfortable or fun ( in the normal sense) but it was where i got to take care of myself and endure the tough situations and do stuff I never did before. I am excited for this trip but I still have so much stuff to worry about!

Thank God for Eugene who have been so loving and helping me through, praying for me and trying to make me feel better:) God really gave me an anchor to help me through, though not as great as Him but still good to help me tide through.

Where do you really want to travel to before you die?
I want to Africa and India, to travel and explore the whole place!

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