Saturday, August 4, 2012

At the old railway station

Even though the exhibition wasn't big, but it was beautifully and detailedly created. It could have been bigger! Eugene and I really enjoyed the whole exhibit! The old tanjong pagar railway station was beautiful too! This whole exhibit is really worth the visit, especially at this beautiful place. This is the kind of things i like to do, exploring and quieter places that are beautiful and I am just so glad Eugene was so willing to come along. I think he enjoyed it too:) The pop-up stalls were nice too. I love the popganda popsicle! I bought the strawberryorangebanana one, really quality like a real thick smoothie freeze up! Just wish that it was bigger and i could tried the other flavors! But it was $4 definitely not cheap, but I think we should support small businesses like this which put in effort to provide real quality goods! I definitely am eager to try out the rest of the flavors! We also had 'Wicked', the coffee, chocolate and mint drink from U cafe! It tasted fabulous! $6 very very great taste but they should be a bit more generous with the serving. Thinking about trying to recreate this taste with Eugene. Even though the trip ended with a mad rain and us soaked and super cold, but I am just so happy we get to enjoy out saturday together.

I am so so thankful to God for helping both of us and looking at where we are today and what we went through together, it is just amazing! He is just so sweet and loving now and really put in so much effort to make our relationship work! He is so different and even I am different! It does show that went we put God first, our mindsets change and we understand love better. We are learning and putting in more effort to love each other despite being together for 5 years. I have learnt to be so much more thankful about everything God has given me and realized that He love me alot and He is moulding me to who He wants me to be instead of me trying to figure out who I want to be:) Thanks Father!

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