Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eating veggies and receiving love

with the dearest Shining, she is sooooooo sweet

Creamy mushroom vegan burger, very very delicious

Blessings from Shining:))))))))))
Thank God for saturday! Had been craving for VeganBurg and by God's grace manage to go there on sat! It was such a great blessing to be there with Shining and just having a very sweet time of sharing about our lives and God's blessings. It was Shining first time there and I am so glad that she got to try out healthy fast food! I really love the whole concept of VeganBurg and I really love the food there. It's really such a nice place for vegans and non-vegans. Who will not welcome a healthier burger and fried option right? I had the creamy mushroom burger which i think is new? Didn't remember it being on the menu. But I LOVE IT! The creamy mushroom sauce and crispy patty went so well together and I love their orange,passionfruit juice!! Talking about it makes me want to eat it soon...... Arg!!! For the atmosphere and portion and fresh ingredients in the food, I really felt the set meals are worth the price, even though it is a little more expensive than normal fast food. BUT hey the 'real' fast food serve crap which explains why the prices are crap too! I really love the place and the food! And I think the time with Shining was so enjoyable and relax:) And she is sooooooo sweet! Gave me such a sweet package! I really felt so love by this sweet sister!

Originally we wanted to go Hatched at Holland Village, because i really wanted to try out something and somewhere new but time did not allow, I was very happy with VeganBurg though because I manage to satisfy my craving! BUT YOU KNOW WHAT! By God's amazing grace, I manage to go to Hatched on the same day! It was with Eugene! It was our date night(yes, we have to set a time out, because we are always so busy) and Eugene had gotten tickets to an ah cappella concert and I thought we could take some photos at Botanic Gardens and go Food for Thought for dinner, but there was an event there that night!:( So we had to go somewhere else but on the cab, the diver told us we were near Holland Village and I immediately thought that maybe we could go Hatched after all, and....... we really did!!!!

Grapefruit juice, freshly squeezed but it is too small cup!

Eugene's shepherd's pie, contains meat

Popeye's salute, poach egg on spinach on muffin, mushed potato with very delicious creamy mushroom sauce and mixed greens salad with vinaigrette  
The food there were quite good but I felt that for the price of the food, portions were a little too small. Not that filling and worth the price. I really like my poach egg meal! Especially the mush potato! What a great combination! Eugene's sheperd's pie was bleah~ but well they did warn you that they specialize in eggs~~~ Maybe I should have ordered for him! hahahaaha

Anyway from this post it is obvious I am now a vegetarian, not vegan. It is not easy to be a vegan, really. Not that I never try. But I realised that as I slowly heal from my eating issues, enjoying my meal with my eating companions is one of the most important thing in the meal. Not the food. I still cannot accept the cruelty behind factory farming which is why I don't think I will eat meat or seafood. I will try my best to be as earth-friendly as possible, but saving the earth involves a lot of issues, not just green eating, it is green living too. But what is most important now is I love the people I eat with and we have a happy meal:) I don't really want to put myself into a category of people and put  label on myself. I am God's child. I just love God and He wants me to love people. I am learning everyday:)

Super sweet and touching gift:))))))))))))
Thank You Lord for saturday and Shining and Eugene and yummy food and sweet lovely gifts from Shining:) Thank God who shows me love in every way! Being thankful is drawing strength from the Lord! Give thanks for every little thing!

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