Thursday, March 14, 2013

New adventure

Yes I am on my way to become an art teacher! it's going to be an exciting and busy 2+3 years ahead! I am very excited and looking forward to it all! Finally my life is moving towards a certain direction! yay! Since i always have some free time in the office, I have took the time to understand my own personality and also what job am I suitable to be doing. I'm an INFJ! Felt that it really was quite accurate! So I am not weird afterall! I am definitely a person who needs to find a greater meaning behind my job! Also the creative type. I think as an art teacher, I am going towards the right direction! Quite exciting to go back to study! I am also posted to a boy's school! That is going to be quite interesting and fun! woohooo! Can't wait for school to start! One more day left in the boring office!

Dearest Eugene and I are also starting a small venture! It's really fun and creative! I am really glad that both of us are working on such a creative and beautiful project together! Can't wait till we have it all properly launch out! In the mean time, I better work hard on it! I have a one week break coming up. Really really pray that this is where God is leading us and hope ultimately the message of love will be spread to the people around us! So much ideas running in our heads! Ok will work on it all! Hmmm does anybody actually read this space? But I kind of still like it~

One week break! I am going to finish some creative projects! 

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daadadadada said...

i do! congratulations yujie! really happy for you!