Sunday, July 25, 2010


hey singapore!!!
Leonard and i decided to be independent and venture out on our own! wow so proud of ourselves! We went to F.C road, which is a road full of students, because it has a few colleges there. I went there also because i had to buy some pens. Silly me totally did not stock up before i came. The place we were suppose to go is VENUS trading. hmmm. it is a combination of popular and art friend? but the stuff are not cheap. The pen i bought cost near $3.the other one was only 20 cents. Kinda miss Art Friend. In india you really start to appreciate every single thing!

We had a tough time getting there. i think we took near 30 minutes just walking up and down. It was raining the whole day. heavy rain, light rain, drizzle~~ arg. But this part of Pune is a bit more developed than where we live. It has shops like nike, crocs, levi's, metro etc oh and subway!! but we didn't eat there. We ate at Barrista which is something like Starbucks but not exactly like it. there is also a Cafe coffee day here, another imitation. Other than snadwiches we decided to treat ourselves to drinks. i had a hot chocolate! nothing like what singapore has but it is better than nothing. It cost $2+, my sandwich cost $2+. BUT BUT they ALWAYS have vegetarian sandwiches! yum! eh it is not only tomatoes and lettuce k!! Indian's standard of vegetarian food is very high k~~ lol

I'm really upset about one thing.... I saw a few street kids begging for money. I felt really upset. I let my fear got better of me and did not give this poor skinny kid. He only asked for 1 rupee! I really shouldn't listen to everyone's warnings. I just got so worried and thought that all the beggars will swarm up if i gave this little kid. I saw him while i was eating in the cafe and no one gave him a single rupee. :( :( :(
On our way back in a 2 seater a little girl was trying to sell me flowers. (remember they have no doors?!) I don't know what is wrong with me!!!??? Why can't i just buy it from her?!!?!?! The rickshaw will drive off anyway... nothing could have happen to me.... I felt like an evil person all the way back.... i promise i will try my best to give these kids if i ever see them again. i shall goggle tonight to see if anything terrible happened to people who gave money to these kids.

I'm really not giving to feel better, but it's just that if the little amount i give them could land them a meal, isn't it worth it?

P.S. I saw a dead cat on the street!!! so sad! anw there are ALOT of stray dogs around. they remind me of kington! Kington! You don't know how lucky you are! It always make me sad to see these poor animals around.

P.P.S A big family of pigs live near us! they are always rolling around in the mud and eating rubbish. 

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