Sunday, August 1, 2010

Either Or~

I'm finally able to blog! After so long of not being able to do so~ This week passed much quicker than the previous one, I think it is because we are getting used to our life and there is a certain routine. We have got a gigantic pail to store water in case of water shortage, heating rod in case the water heater is not working, torchlight and candles for the electricity cuts. Life has become much easier even though the situation and environment is still the same but our view and way of dealing with it have changed tremendously. We also spent bear 3 hours cleaning the whole house today. We bought a mop and a proper plastic broom. We actually mopped our room thrice to make sure it is super clean so now, we don't wear our slippers in. It is a good thin the weather here is so cooling, we didn't sweat at all during the whole process. I feel much more comfortable in the house now:)

Didn't get to share the crazy 2-seater u-turn... LOL! For a 2 seater to get to our place it has to go a really big round and it is quite troublesome for the driver and we did not know that there is actually a u-turn in that area which shorten the whole distance by quite a bit. It is actually this tunnel under the road. I told u guys about how it is monsoon now so that underground tunnel is ALWAYS flooded! So it cranky 2-seater driving thgouh it is quite an advernture! We were super shocked during our first ride. Remember there is no doors for these vehicles?! ya so it was quite a thrilling ride in the rainy weather. We took 2 seaters back from the office because the company finally gave use some stuff. We now have the small gas tank to cook and boil water, a fridge, a table, 2 chairs and utensils! yea~~ We managed to make hot drinks from the million packets of stuff my mum made me brought here. I'm NOT carrying them back to sg, so we really have to finish them!

Forgot to say, during one of our rides back home we had to carry 2 chairs with us and it was uber squeezy inside. Both of us holding the chairs, it was impossible to move. And it made travelling along the tunnel even more exciting~~~ haha.

Oh I'm going to share about the exciting day we had yesterday. It was Saturday so we ventured out to Muhammad Gandhi Road, (M.G Rd), as we had been talking about it during the pass week. The auto(2-seater) ride there was a crazy and wet one. India is giant size and Pune is BIG (size of sg) sp we took quite a long ride on the auto and it began raining quite crazily. And the auto had no doors so naturally we go a BIG SPLASH of mud water when some cazy bus driver drove by. -_-" hate it. eww. This happened twice!

We finally managed to get there and walked around aimlessly. We saw this BIG cow sitting in the middle of the walkway, i don't know if it is going to die soon. there are lots of cow here. We even saw this big herd of them walking pass the middle of a junction. SO amusing! While walking around, these indian ladies carrying their kids started to confront us, begging for money. They were quite daring, even touching me on the shoulders. the poor kid wasn't even wearing pants. We walked in front of the posh shop, hopping the guards will help drive them away because we got no where to go and they were really persistent. I dare not even take out my money because this road really had lots of beggars and i was afraid they will all flood to us if i was to give one of them. The guard really got out to chase them away while i was calling Rochana because she wanted to bring us somewhere nice for lunch. In the end we went to hide at Barrista again because this road was getting a bit too much for us.

Before we even began drinking our teas and coffee, Rochana called and we had to rush out to meet her. I had to take my earl grey along in a lid-less paper cup. Rochana brought us to this really great place called the 11th east street. They had this vintage red london bus inside which was converted into a bakery with comfy cushions. The whole place was designes like a england street, complete with fountain and lamp posts. They had an intercontinental menu and the food was the best we had so far! We orded a grilled salad(!), crab cakes, grilled mustard fish and mushroom lover buttered rice. Of course i ate the meatless stuff! Don't u dare start doubting me! haha. I had a nice cranberry mocktail too. We finished off with banana pie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate indulgence cake. The food were fabulous and we spent a long time there, mostly because we had to wait quite long for the food. But the service was quite good. The waiter and sercuity guard wore quite cute uniforms! haha.

Next Rochana drove us to this building with some really nice shops, while she headed out to get some furniture. We went to Curiosity first where they had really nice nick knacks and quite a lot of the items were made by people from homes and orphanages. They had really beautifully textured wrapping paper too!! at only 50cent sg dollars!!!:) Then we went to Crosswords which is a book store very much like our local MPH. We spent quite a long time there because i was so immersed into reading these 2 books, one about poverty in India and the other about child sexual abuse in the middle and high class indians. I really am contemplating whether i should get them... The books gave me a LOt to think about. Lastly we went to Either Or! It is such a fabulous shop! totally love it! It beats all the shops on Haji Land and the prices are so affordable! I know where to get souvenirs now! This shop has alot sorts stuff and alot were made of recycled materials! Love it! they have some really nice fabrics for the clothes and lovely accessories:D There was also this super cute pig push toy with 4 piglets attached to it! Reminded me of he pig family living near us. I hope it will be there when we go back during the end of our stay here, i really want to get it for yu rou! They also had this coin pouch made from read coconut!! It was so cute!! Leonard and I really wanted to get that! They also have this range of paper goods made from elephant dung! So cool! I want to get so much stuff from there! I must save up more!

We had a terrible time going back because Rochana dropped us off at the highway because her drive was in a rush. it was 9+ and there was hardly any 2 or 6 seaters. There were lots of people and all were hitching rides and rushing to any autos that came by. Both of us were so noob standing there in shock at the dark highway.(the lamp post was spoiled) We finally got a 6 seater after more than half an hour. Such a scary way to end our day. We finally cooked maggie mee on our own! cus we hadn't had dinner. actually is i cook leonard eat la. But it was really easy to cook~~

(don't u think this"~" looks like maggie mee? hahahaaha. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)

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