Sunday, August 22, 2010

100th post: It's time for change!

The internet is being so crappy today, most probably because it is the last day of the perpaid plan? I don't know. We will have to go down to the service centre again to get the plan again.  I'm definitely quite upset because i intended to have a good chat with my family and iris. I have one million reason to be pissed off. In India, it is so much easier to feel this way.

But hey it is the 100th post and I should not dwell on it and be so upset! (Actually i'm not even very upset because i'm too use to things going wrong here) I want to talk about change! Change change change! This word has been going round and round in my head whole day. Change is happening all around me. Everything here is a huge leap from home and everything require extra patience and effort. But i realise one thing. Change is ever happening and it is always around us. Just whether it is big or small. And whether we want to do it or not. 

I realise coming to India, God has successfully striped me of all things that i could possibly have. My family, eugene, church, cell, money, water, electricity, water, proper food, hair...and the list goes on. These were things that have distracted me. (most of the time in a good way) But they distracted me from God, from His purpose in my life. When He took all these away, what did i have left? Him.

It is now up to me how I could embrace this huge drastic change in my life. Nobody to whine to, no shoulders to cry on, no sister to feed me, no parents to nag me, no eugene to pamper me, no iris to ask for help, no water to bath, no light to see... So what will i do?! Hate this place?! Hate every single person i see?! Fly back to singapore? No. Instead God changed my viewpoint and i realized what He wanted me to learn. I still do not what is His Big plan. But I do know that i need to change my perspective of the situation and put my eyes on Him. Hey Yu Jie, let go! Let Him lead! Stop being so stubborn!

Change is all round us! We cannot let God work in us if we don't want to change! I also come to understand that change is stem from Love, which is the greatest of all! I changed my mindset about my situation because at the end of the day I know God loves me and I (always trying) to love Him. So i know it is time for me to change. In fact now i have learnt to see the beauty of India. I do not mean the scenery, but the way people live their life. They are actually very environmentally friendly and they are a country of toughest people who try their very best to make a living despite the condition of their surrounding. They are so innovative with their use of materials and they do not use unnecessary things. ( Only things they really need). They love their country and their culture. 

How do i change my lifestyle to fit into this place? Change and be humble!

Another big change i want to talk about (again!) is diet. I know maybe you are tired of me harping on about it~ But hey it is my 100th post and i have the right to yea? I know alot of people find it hard to accept the fact about factory farming and vegetarian diet. But it is really asking yourself, why do i want to do it? Why should i do it? I did it because i realised that, God i cannot be doing this to your earth, your animals(unethical and cruel farming) and your people(worker who are under-paid and starving countries)! Time for a Big change! Change is always easier when you know why you are doing it and what you are doing ti for! It is a huge change in your life. It is not easy. but are you willing to do it? I'm sure it is easier than coming India! Lol!

First of all change your heart, change your perspective and everything else will come naturally:D Stop hugging onto all those old mindsets! We should be flexible and influential! You never know where God leads!

I think more changes are coming! I'm looking forward to them:D

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