Friday, September 10, 2010

Cover me under YOUR wings:)

God is good ALL THE TIME:)

I have been having a rough week last week for a reason even i;m not sure, but God is great and i learnt to trust in Him. I didn't blog due to my weird emotional status and lack of time. It is Friday night and i have decided to rant a little before i sleep.

Let's put some funny and interesting India stuff a side first. I feel that: India is crazy ans Singapore is lame.
We went to eat Thali last Saturday, it is a giant plate with lots of typical traditional Indian food(if differs slightly in diff part of India), it is unlimited and they will just keep refilling it for you! crazy right? for only $5 SGD! Hmm but Indian food is typically too oily and sweet and just weird for us, we could just chomp down 1++ serving. Indian men like to pee and spit(like merlion) in the public. Some even shit. Families who cant afford it don't give their kids shoes. Dungs are everywhere! Cow, dog, pig, even human dung... everywhere! Indians are cool in the way they share their food. Have something? one piece, everyone tear off a small bite. Bring-to-work-lunches are never eaten all on your own. Always, always 1++++++person will 'kope' your food! They don't care much about hygiene. There was once my colleague took a pencil on the table to stir his cup of tea! They love to laugh, sing, music and colourful clothes! They can travel 2/3 hours on weekends just to go sightseeing! They can squeeze like sardines on 6 seaters! Singaporeans, we are a little lame compare to them right?!

Leonard and i have both agreed that despite being homesick and missing the convenience of Singapore, we actually quite like India( though the living condition remains crappy)

India made me count my blessings everyday... I actually did manage to give some rupees to a girl, gave candy to a boy, fed bread to a sick dog... I'm less afraid now and dare to give more. I see so many in need and can't help wish i can give more. I remember seeing one boy holding a rag standing in the middle of the road. What is he doing? i thought, crossing the road? But actually he was 'begging' wiping posh(clean) cars with his (dirty) rag then going to the window to ask for money. For a while i couldn't do anything but stare at him... It is so dangerous! The road is full of cars and drivers who care nothing about traffic rules and a skinny little kiddo... But for everyday survival.. He rush car to car hoping for a few coins. I think he changed my perception of life. While we worry about our school results, the latest iphone, the latest fashion trend, there are kids risking their lives daily on the street...

I have got to know kids in my living area, a bunch of little girls between 7 -12. They seems to enjoy playing with me and i love it that they don't worry about homework and stress and do not have their eyeballs stuck to a computer/psp screen. They have no high tech toys but they play happily among themselves with nothing but each other. They may not be street kids or rich Singapore kids but in a way they seems more real, just like how children should be. Not worried or stress over PSLE. Parents don't go crazy trying to make them get into top schools. Parents here are not like that.

If we pace down ourselves to observe and learn each day, India actually have lots more to learn than Singapore. They lead life each day with zest and hardwork and not crazy materialism and envy. I do admire the people here for they have something in their life that many of us lack The perseverance of making ends meet and being joyful even in the simplest things.

In Singapore, are we trying to be too greedy about unnecessary things and ignorant of what is essentially important in life?

What is important? God, loving people around us and our Earth
Everything else, i feel, is a bit unnecessary.

Thank God for teaching me everyday here, i know why I'm here in India.

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