Sunday, September 12, 2010

Colourful flags~~

This weekend has been awesome! Thank God for His grace and blessings:D

We got tried and sick of Indian food and we also wanted to celebrate the end of our 2nd month here! Yay! So we went to the one and only authentic Korean Restaurant-cafe Morro in Pune! It wasn't easy to find! Inside of the cafe is totally different from India, it is so neat and tidy and serene~~ A small but sweet place. The waiter and owner there were really sweet too:) Even though the waiter did not get the fact clear that i was a vegetarian despite him asking veg or non veg and served my bibimbap with beef in it... I was a little upset but decide to forget it and pass all the meat to Leonard (who is v happy-_-") The boss was nice and took my bowl to help it pick the meat out because i told him i did not need him to help me make another dish. He even gave us a chocolate cupcake to make up for the mistake. Really well-mannered and sweet people:)

I finally found sweet potatoes at the veggie stall in the area! Do you know sweet potato requires no pesticide to grow and even if not organic they are still much much healthier than potatoes. I'm going to learn to eat more sweet potatoes and less potatoes. ( even though i don't really like sweet potatoes and love potatoes) but it is really more of a habit i think. i also bought this big colourful fan thing~~ hmmm will try to show it here~

Today we had a great time too, Shavesh our colleague is so nice he brought us to a ex-colleague's house! We had a yummy but oily lunch, ate a lot of too sweet stuff and watch a lame horror movie-1408. They were so friendly and fun. This is also the start of the elephant god festival thing and they brought the statue to a beautiful river to eh..drown it~~ A little weird but i love the river, it is so beautiful and i rode on a motorbike and the scenery is gorgeous! Too bad we forgot to bring our camera-_-" It is also a tradition to offer sweets to us and we had too much sugar today! zzz....very fattening stuff

When we got back we found all the kids gathered at a small building in the middle of the colony. We went in and saw the have a huge statue there and it is a temp 5 day prayer place. The parents also co-organised stuff for the kids, today was the drawing competition. I have no idea but the kids love talking to us and asking us all sort of questions! They are all so cute and keep showing us their drawings! Some even say things like 'when you go back Singapore, we will surely miss you!" So sweet right! I love talking to them, they are so innocent and lovely kiddos. They are having sack race and dance performance tomorrow! hopefully we end work early! I really want to see them race!

What a lovely and blessed weekend~~ Thank God!

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