Sunday, September 19, 2010

Under the same sun

Since i took my camera cable to the office, i shall post my fun weekend in photos:

The really nice and funny group of friends
( I told you guys that indians are all very handsome?
 lol higher chance of me spotting a cute guy on a 6 seater than on a SBS bus!)
Pune zoo!
Love the elephant!
Family of deers
Vikka and his fiance
Iguana! (can you spot it?)
Beautiful river!
Our host- Johnny Depp(actually he is call Savesh!)
Savesh's brother( so innovative right?!)
Nice scenery right!?
Boating for 20 mins
Street food! Taste quite nice, but i dare not eat too much for fear of my weak tummy~

Had a great day at Pune zoo on Sunday thanks to Sarvesh! He is a really funny and nice guy! He is not attach, so~ anybody interested? i have his number~ Leonard and i have the feelings of the zoo animals too during the whole trip, because everywhere we go people just stare at us~ i think we were the only asians in the whole zoo! (imagine we are in a cage that states- Singaporeans, a tidy and picky bunch)

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