Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nothing is impossible with God

It took me one week to post this because i am still a little afraid that i cannot maintain this new lifestyle, but by sharing it here, I hope that readers of this blog can serve as witness also friends to encourage me to hang on. I have been living a very close to pure vegan lifestyle, i don't consume animal product but i think some of my hair product may have them but i cannot afford to buy new ones so i shall finish this batch first before i save up to buy Body Shop products which are vegan~ I even stop eating ice cream, chocolate and normal bread, i make sure they are vegan. But no worries! I eat a LOT!

My meals consist of huge doses of veggies and i try to incorporate in lots of raw vegetables and fruits! At least one salad a day and a smoothie and loads of fruits! I made cashew cheese, pumpkin seed plate, avocado basil spread, grapefruit dressing etc. Loads of new recipes in the past week and i feel really good eating loads of fresh veggies and fruits! I buy organic and non-organic depending on the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 list. I avoid outside food unless i have no choice for example meeting my dear friend Zimu after cell and i have no time to make my own meal~ If not i try to avoid outside vegetarian food too, because they are way to oily and veggie-less!

Adding on to this huge leap in diet, I also try my best to jog 2.4 k everyday, ran 4 times last week, i try to wake up in the morning to run, if i can't make it, i will make up in the evening~ For someone who haven't exercise since my junior college days, i think it is a huge leap for me! My target is to run a 5km/10km for Nike Shape run 2011! I really believe i can do it and i hope whoever is inspired out there will join me and we can train together! You definitely won't have expected this from me it you talked to me a year ago. I hate running! i faint when i run! But now? I am really starting to enjoy the feeling of my heart pumping faster and sweating and turing red in the face!

I also try to do more housework by cooking and mopping and vacuuming the house. It helps if the house feels neater and less stress on my parents. I hope to start cleaning some areas too before school starts! I also managed to meet up with some of my good friends who i said i wanted to meet by dragging the meet ups for months, years... lol. I manage to make dinner for Yining and argue with Zimu last week, 2 of my good friends and i am so glad i bothered to meet up with them and share some love through food and Christ:)

Oh i tried my best with the environment saving by avoiding plastic bags( to the extend to bringing 4-5 reusable shopping bags to NTUC!), bringing my own extra shopping bags everywhere, flushing the toilet bowl with wash veggie water or bathing water and standing is a big pail to bath so the water that i use is saved in the pail and i can use the water to flush toilet. A bit troublesome but worth it! It is difficult to implement changes in my family when all they do is complain about how troublesome it is and how some food don't taste as nice as mummy's. But I don't give up that easily!

Oh so good vegan food!
Oh so good grapefruit pomegranate pink salad!

Chickpea patty and avocado basil sandwich! Super good!

Sweet curry peanut dressing and broccoli salad with "egg" scramble, looks scary? taste good!

Oh gosh!!! Best banana chocolate vegan bread 'muffin'

Drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i already made 2 batches! Totally satisfy my sweet tooth!

Vegan happy sandwich!

Beet+mushroom+cashew herby 'cheese' spread= Superb vegan sandwich!

Bento-ed pink salad!

Fresh dill plant:)
Sorry for horrid photo but forgive me i'm lazy and hungry! Too busy drooling most of the time to take good photos! Gosh if you are reading this please go try this banana bread recipe!!! So easy and so good!! Please add vegan dark choco chips in! Totally worth it!!! Oh i am going to give away black india salt!!! This is a superb salt from india that will make your tofu scramble taste and smell very similar to eggs! Totally useful for those wannabe vegan who are egg addicts! Just comment after this post about how you want to change your lifestyle for the better and i will pick a random commentor and gift you the black indiany eggy salt! i was so kiasu in india and bought extra and hopefully there is someone out there who is interested! Because you may be the only commentor then of course you get the black salt!

Gosh i need to sleep! Gotta run and do grocery tomorrow!


YUHAN said...

AHAHAHAHHHAAHA so do i get it?

wendyschwee said...

HAHAHA! EH, not bad! Got contest!! But I don't cook leh! Your food all so yummy sia!! That day I was commenting to yuxuan on her food and drooling all over her container... she offered to give me. HAHA! I feel so paiseh... Eh vegan is REALLY HARD but jia you! I.... am not really trying... hahahahahhahaa! I still try to choose veg lah but if really cannot I choose fish, if still cannot then I eat meat lor. Not eating meat is better than eating meat; eating meat is better than wasting meat. So if there's meat and nobody's eating it... it ends up in my tummy. HAHAHA!

Yujie, your standard is very up there leh... =)

Yu Jie said...

Heya wendy
Personally i think not eating the meat is better than wasting it. You show your stand against the unethical farming and you are also doing your own health a great favor:) Hope you continue to be a vegetarian because i believe it is not an impossible task:)

astrorainfall @ beauty box said...

Does it count if I don't live in Singapore? It's okay if it's too much for you to send it overseas. But I'm still trying my luck!

How do I want to improve my health...hmmm I want to stop overeating as it's a bad habit that I have esp when I'm busy and overly hungry. So will try to eat when I need to or be better prepared with snacks so I don't binge on dinner.

Yu Jie said...

Hooray for a non friend commentor! It is so sweet of you to comment! I really want to gift the black salt to you, but it is not worth it to send a small packet over to tokyo right? maybe i can send you stuff you miss in from singapore~~ Christmas is coming:)