Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sharing about good food

The last week of my holiday was spent eating lots of yummy vegetarian/vegan eats! My aim now is to share good food with people who have no knowledge of the how our basic healthy diet should be like. Persuade them through their tummy first!
Crazy fusion meal with our guest: Iris!
Indian style super spicy lady's finger dish~

Mushroomy tofu dish! Too much mushroom! but it was goooood!

Side dish: marinated cucumber and carrot

Vegan Ice cream!!! All vegans know about this but i shall post the recipe below for my non-vegan friends:D

Hooooooray! Healthy organic veggie meal with bestie! ( eh but a bit too expensive~)

I love this salad soba noodle!!! It is tooooooo good!
 Lots of fresh organic raw veggies with rice puff, nori and 2 sweet sauce~

Vegetarian bibimbap!!! Quite nice but got egg~~ the kimchi should taste a bit more salty then sour~

Home cooked korean jajiang mian with raw salad!

Our favorite Indian restaurant!
Thanks Jia Ying for the loooong ago recommendation on her blog!
This is why i love blogs~~ Food heaven!

Our first family meal in 3 motnhs!

Why my dad always look so strict~~
This is good!!! Looks like meat?!
It manchurian fried cauliflower!!! I don't get how they can cook it this nice~

My mum's favorite: Indian style soup! Almond soup and tomato soup!

This is good tooo!!! Arg!! I feel hungry just looking at it!
This is potato and cauliflower dish!! Very good!!!
I really don't know how to describe Indian food, they are salty, spicy

One reason my dad doesn't mind going.. this! He loves it!


Thanks for being so patient you deserve this recipe!

serves 4

5 frozen bananas
1/2 a cup of sweet soy milk (i use organic soy milk!)
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
1/4 cup of vegan chocolate chip(optional! I don't have but I bet you it will make your soft serve taste gooood!)
Put everything together and blend! It may be a little difficult if your blender is not that powerful, mine is terrible! But i cut the frozen bananas up first before putting them in so it is a little bit easier for the machine. It will come out thick and rich! So good! Better than the macdonald crap! And bananas are so super cheap! My recent craze is bananas!! So versatile so good! I use them in soft serve, salad dressing, muffins and just eat it as it is!!! Love!!!!


Anonymous said...

haha! indian food in singapore~~~~~

do they still have the buffet?

Yu Jie said...

oh yup! they still do! oh gosh! totally tempting to try the buffet that day!! We will go again once my sister's A level is over to try out the buffet!