Sunday, July 22, 2012


一不是我们爱 神,乃是 神爱我们,差他的儿子为我们的罪作了挽回祭,这就是爱了。 (约翰一书 4:10 CUNPSS)

My grandfather pass away today... And the Holy Spirit made me realized something amazing. I am sorry I can't share are kind or great my grandfather was, he just wasn't your typical grandfather, not the typical sweet old man. But despite his faults, he made me realized how much God love me, love my family, love us. If anyone knew my grandfather 15 years ago, they will say it is IMPOSSIBLE that he will accept Christ. Seriously! He owns a temple? So you know how anti-Jesus he is, the opposite of your typical Christian 'stereotype'. He even had 'followers' in his temple. He was as ungodly as any man can be. He was also very unforgiving on his own body, he smokes, drinks and loves to eat the most unhealthy stuff. It came as no surprise that he got a terrible case of stroke and couldn't walk nor control most of his body. It was terrible and nobody could take care of him and we had to send him to a nursing home. But God works in the most unlikely of ways, through the Godly love of my aunt, who put in so much effort and love to care for him, he accepted Christ. Really looking at his life history no one would have expected this ending to his life story. I remember that just last night the whole family was siting around talking about his condition and every single family was in Christ. I realized if God has not love us so so much this couldn't have been possible. Me, I wouldn't have the chance to know Him if it is not because of His unconditional love for
me. My legacy wasn't anywhere near godly, but His love knows no boundary. If He can move mountains, He can bring a whole generation to Christ even before their parents did and this is what happened. My grandfather's passing just made me realized God loves us sooooooo much. I really really am so thankful the my grandfather got to accept Christ before he pass away. Knowing that he is enjoying himself in heaven, right by the side of God and Jesus, I think that siao amazing. Heaven is real and so is hell. It made me realized how much more I should pray for my grandma, for her salvation. Who can bear knowing that heaven is real and not try your very best to bring your love ones and those around to Christ?
Thank you God for everything. Your love is unbelievably real:)

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